Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Approach

Our search engine optimization approach is a flexible process. As new SEO techniques and ideas emerge we add them to our process at logical points so, while the basis of the methodology stays the same, tasks are being added and modified as the SEO landscape changes.

Keyword Research & Placement

Whether your site has been around a while or doesn't even exist yet, the same techniques apply for getting your site highly ranked in the search engines. One of the most important steps is the first one – determining what words and phrases searchers use to find your products and services. There's no point in being highly ranked for “rubber baby buggy bumpers” when you own a technology consulting firm. It's important to research what terms apply to your business and determine variations of those terms. Once this is done, factor in the competition (number of results for the term) to narrow the field and help determine what terms you should go after.

Website Optimization

Your keywords and phrases influence the way the copy should be written on each page of your site. They also need to appear in the page's code in certain ways to make sure the search engines index your page for the correct keywords. If your site already exists, placing the page elements and making slight copy modifications will mean all the difference the next time your site is spidered by the search engines. If your site is being built from the ground up, the content and page elements can be developed as the site is being built so your site is search engine friendly when it launches.

Link Building Campaign

One of the current techniques for measuring a site's popularity – that Google is especially keen on – is linking. One-way, inbound links are considered the most valuable as they signal that a site is willing to send it's users to your site. Reciprocal links with complimentary sites are also good because they target the same type of users. Say you run an online kitchen appliance store and you exchange links with a recipe site (meaning your site has a link to them and they provide a link on their site to you) you are both appealing to cooking enthusiasts. The links help drive traffic between the sites. A successful link building campaign will give you many inroads to your site and help boost your site's popularity and search engine ranking.

Press Releases and article submissions are an ongoing part of most campaigns. We edit and submit a limited number of your press releases as part of our costs. We also edit your articles and submit them to dozens of online libraries. Press Releases and articles are a great way to accrue more one-way inbound links.

Every campaign starts with an aggressive directory submission process. We manually submit your site to hundreds of quality directories that have page rank and relevancy in Google and other search engines. These directories are not Free For All link farms, but valued general and niche directories. You can view a sample list of many of the directories we submit to here. Please read more about our directory submission process. And give us a call if you have questions about this or any of our SEO processes.

Monthly SEO Updates

Search engines change their algorithms and methods for determining page rank often. It is important to monitor results on keywords to make sure your site is still doing well. Being passive will not maintain or increase your ranking on the results pages – being active and making modifications on a regular basis will. Determining new keywords and phrases to go after is also key to reaching additional searchers. Big Oak believes monthly maintenance of search engine optimization is an investment that will pay off in the short term and over time.

Why We Are A Different SEO Firm

Every company says they are different but seem surprisingly similar – or are different in ways that don't count. So what makes Big Oak different? Click here to read how we go beyond to help our SEO clients.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. As always, we give free advice and free initial consultations.

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