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The Best Blog Directories

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Okay, I fully admit I got this from Search Engine Journal. It was written by Loren Baker, Editor. So be sure to read the original list there with full content. Thank you, Loren.

I put the list I here so I would always know where to find it, since it is our company blog. I did abbreviate the content and I plan on adding more. I hope if any readers find better blog directories, that are particularly excellent,  they will  add them by commenting below. If they are really good I’ll add them to this list officially.

  1. Best of the Web Blog Search La Crem de la Crem, Best of the Web’s Blog Directory is very selective and only lists aged and valuable blogs.
  2. EatonWeb Blog Directory is a real jewel with many aged inbound links and a blog rating system.
  3. Blog Hub offers a drop down category and member blog list.
  4. Upon visiting Bloggernity, you find a crisp, clean, and easy to navigate site.
  5. Blogarama has an impressive listing of over 65,000 blogs.
  6. Blog Search Engine is owned by Performancing’s parent company and serves search results powered by IceRocket.
  7. Blog Catalog features a vast directory of categories, from academic to writing, while offering the ability to search by country, language, or user.
  8. Globe of Blogs has too many features to list. In order to be listed on the site, the blog must not be commercial.
  9. Blog Universe is the perfect place to promote your video or podcast themed blog.
  10. Bigger Blogs is a relatively new blog directory with only a few blogs registered. The blog is intertwined with a business directory.
  11. Bloggeries has the best categories and subcategories home page on the internet
  12. Bloggapedia has an interesting and eye catching homepage.
  13. Spillbean is a well-designed blog directory site with categories such as health, society, internet, and personal.
  14. Blogging Fusion is a blog with over sixty categories.
  15. Blogflux is not only a tool for bloggers, but a directory that has the listings in alphabetic order.
  16. Bloglisting are fun, colourful, and catch the attention of the reader.
  17. Blogio may be a small blog directory with few listings, but it worthy of a submission.
  18. Blog Explosion claims to be the largest blog promoter on the internet.
  19. Super Blog Directory is a great site that offers tools to posters that others do not.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Link to Other Sites

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

We’ve all met that person (or, maybe, we’re secretly guilty of being this person). You know the person — the one who won’t share.

Yup, there, I said it, I’m on to all of you people. Didn’t you learn anything in kindergarten? Seriously, share and share alike. How do you expect to make friends when you never share anything?

By this point, you’re probably wondering, “That’s fine and all, but what does this have to do with linking out to other people’s websites?”

Let me put it very simply — do it. Don’t be afraid to share, put that link out there.

Linking Out Excuse 1: If I Link Out, People Won’t Stay on My Site

Here’s the thing about the Internet, it’s designed (on purpose, mind you) as a way of sharing knowledge. If you’re writing about something and happen to know a reputable resource on the subject, link to it!

This will have various added benefits for you. Your users will think, “Wow, this person is providing a great resource, I’ll come back to them in the future because they’ve really helped me out.” Honestly, do you remember the Boston Tea Party because of the book you read it in, or do you remember it because of your 7th grade teacher who pointed you to the book?

Linking out also tells Google the neighborhood where your site lives. When you’re connected to a bunch of authority sites on fishing through outbound links, and you’re a fishing site, it’ll make sense for Google to rank you higher for fishing. Why? Easy, you’re all in the same neighborhood of fishing authority sites! When you link to other authority sites, it makes Google and the other search engines perceive you as an authority site.

And, seriously now, if you never put an outbound link on your site because you think it’ll keep people on your site, do you really think they don’t know how to work the back button? Or, know how to look for a more authoritative site than yours?

Linking Out Excuse 2: Linking Out Will Lose Link Juice

Alright, let’s ignore the whole neighborhood and authority site status (really, that should be enough to stop you from being scared to link out). Now you’re worried about your link juice. Rightly so, I mean, if PageRank flows from page to page via links, when you link out, it’ll spill onto someone else’s page right?

Here’s the deal: yeah, some of your link juice will flow over there, but that’s not the whole story. When a website gets a link to it, the webmaster will notice. This person will then come over to your site and check you out. If you get a link from a site, you check out the site linking to you, right?

This is the point of SEO, getting people to your site because you have great information. By linking out you have successfully had one more person check out your site! However, the story doesn’t stop there. The webmaster comes to your site, sees that you have a lot of great information and then they might just link over to you themselves, from a post they wrote about a great site they found! Now you’re an authority for them!

Link Out and Reap the Rewards

Remember this when you’re linking out — who you link out to matters! Link out to high quality sites that are relevant to yours. Since you control the outbound links, if you link to trash, your users won’t like it and the search engines won’t like it. Though, when you know of a great site, and have found a great resource, link to it and get ready for the benefits!

Don’t want to take my word for it? Well then, check out what the experts are saying on linking out for yourself!

SEO Rockstars

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

When you think of basketball, you think of Michael Jordan. When you think of golf, you think of Tiger Woods. When you think of swimming, you think of Michael Phelps. These people have elevated themselves, and what they do, to the next level — they are the rockstars.

How about in SEO? Are there any SEO rockstars? If so, do these rockstars help the industry like Phelps has helped swimming?

The Trend-Setting SEO Rockstar: Aaron Wall

Aaron WallWhen you pop SEO into Google, what do you get? Some Wikipedia entries (naturally), a .org for the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, but one of the entries that catches your eye is probably “Learn. Rank. Dominate.: SEO” Learn, rank and dominate? Sign me up; if I put SEO in Google, I’m certainly not looking for Sponsors for Educational Opportunity — I want to learn about Search Engine Optimization!

Such is the star power of Aaron Wall. He, quite literally, wrote the book on SEO — “SEO Book,” which first debuted in 2003. He started very simply with, but quickly learned his trade by trolling through forums, writing articles and eventually setting up his new site,, writing his SEO book and then tirelessly marketing it.

Wall has grown his newest site to a massive scale. He is a sought-after speaker at almost every SEM and SEO conference and everywhere he goes in the SEO world, people follow what he says.


No Time to Twitt Mr Jones?

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

No Time to Twitt Mr Jones?

One of the most common complaints of Twitter is that one doesn’t have enough time to spend keeping up with their Twitter accounts. They are to busy doing more important things, such as reading our Blog or the “ranked hard, SEO comic“.

Now I can’t blame them for that, but for the rest of you Non Twitter Time Takers, a new solution is made especially for you.

@ShannonCole has come up with TwitResponse an application that allows you to “pre-record” or “pre-type” your twitter messages and have them scheduled to appear to your Twitter Followers at predetermined intervals in the future.

The program is in BETA but works extremely well. The description from their page reads
“Twitter + AutoResponder = TwitResponse!

Setup unlimited messages to be delivered to your twitter page when you want. Need a message sent 2 hours from now, no problem, setup a TwitResponse.

Having a product launch, upcoming seminar, book release… Setup a TwitResponse to automatically notify your followers.

Make sure you register to see the full effects, and then Twit me in advance, something, in the Future to @bigebiz.

Psst.. You might want to Add @ShellHarris to that list, he may not figure it out right away that your message was “pre-typed” but that’s half the fun of isn’t it?
Pssst…. Chris just joined in as well Catch him  @BigOakChris

August SEO Comic Hits the Streets

Monday, August 11th, 2008

The August edition of our SEO comic, Ranked Hard, Your Link Here, is available for public consumption. This month’s comic sends up link purchasing.

View the comic in all of its glory here

Be sure to have a look at Ranked Hard’s rave reviews and find out why people have called it a “very funny comic.”  If you have an idea for a Ranked Hard comic you’d like to see put into action, shoot us a line at contact [at]  We won’t bite.  Well, Roosevelt Jones might, but that’s a story for another time.

Is Cuil the Internet startup Joke of the Year?

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Every Internet startup company deserves a chance to prove itself. Unless, of course, that startup comes out of the gate and immediately starts making bombastic claims like “We’re better than Google” and “we index more of the web then they do.” Then an examiner has every right to shove that startup under a microscope and pull out its insides. But, in Cuil’s case, you don’t need to pick apart its internal organs to uncover its deficiencies. In fact, all you have to do is a simple long tail search, like “how to train a cat.” <click image for larger view.>

click to enlarge

So, what’s wrong with this picture? Well, for starters, if Cuil has 120 billion pages indexed, then why is it only displaying about three thousand for this keyword, which is roughly 29 million less than what Google shows. Secondly, why are there two pictures of dogs on the page? I recall searching for cats. Thirdly, why is there a Tropicana can on the page? I could go on, but I’ll stop in the interest of time.

Why don’t we look at another long tail keyword people might search for, like “how to give a dog a haircut.”

No results. I suppose if Cuil has its way, we’ll all live in a society where dogs walk around with hideously long hair.

Now, I don’t wish Cuil to fail. Quite the contrary, I think any competition in the search space is desirable. But, sadly, I think Cuil may end up going down in history as one of the most “borked” Internet startup companies of all time. Venture capitalists gave 33 million to a search engine that couldn’t even handle long tail searches on its launch date. Seriously? Have we entered the twilight zone? Ever heard of a soft opening, Cuil? If their algorithm was truly going to be as underdeveloped as it was on its launch date, they should have announced a public beta (and had it be real beta and not just a catch phrase). Instead, Cuil did the complete opposite. They worked the media to ensure they would be mentioned everywhere on their launch date and hyped their product to ludicrous proportions.

The often spouted but obviously wrong cliché is that all publicity is good publicity. Let’s evaluate that cliché in terms of Cuil. Now Cuil is in a hole it has to dig itself out of. The general perception is that its algorithm is awful, and the burden is on Cuil to make people change that perception. Is this really where Cuil wanted to be? Is this the finest demonstration of why all publicity is allegedly good publicity?

At least search engines like Powerset and SearchMe had premises they could back up. Powerset said it could handle natural language search, and it does an adequate job (depending on many variables). SearchMe merely claimed to offer a visual display of search results. Cuil’s tagline is that it indexes more of the web than Google. You’re really just asking for it when you say that.

I’ll end this rant with two predictions. 1.) Someone at Cuil will come across this article and attempt to fix the search results for the keywords I mentioned and 2.) when someone mentions the name Cuil a year from now, the person standing next to him will have to choke to hold back his laughter.

Now it’s Cuil’s job to prove me wrong. They do have a lot of that venture capital still sitting in the bank.

4 Easy Steps for Discovering Longtail Keyword Phrases

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Long Tail Keyword Development Strategy

To make things easier for you, I’ve broken down the procedure of finding and developing your long tail keywords into a simple five step process. By following this strategy, you should be able to effectively grow the amount of search traffic you receive daily.

  1. Enter your core keywords in the Google’s Keyword Suggestion tool. Download the entire list in a text or excel format.
  2. Perform competitor analysis manually or through SEO Digger.
  3. Compile in one list, all the longtail keywords from both of the above steps.
  4. Start to create webpages or blog posts and include at least one keyword + a phrase in the title. For WordPress users, install and use the SEO Title Tag plugin.

This is a snippet of an article by Maki at I can recommend this strategy whole-heartedly.

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