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Download SEO Tips PDFThis all started during Christmas of 2006 while I was home on vacation. My brain, being bored from all the downtime a vacation provides, began thinking of ways to get other sites to link to my SEO company website BigOakInc.com. Instead of coming up with a EUREKA solution, I started writing some tips on the Big Oak SEO blog. Then it hit me that I should write one SEO tip per week for an entire year. I mean, how hard could that possibly be? Famous last words.

So, over the year spanning January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007, I endeavored to create tips that were based on Big Oak’s experiences in SEO. I also provided references to support the tips offered and presented the information in a way that would be easy for the SEO do-it-yourselfer to follow.

This document contains all SEO tips written as blog posts for the year 2007. Rather than make this an incomplete volume and delete some of the out-of-date tips, I felt that all the tips should be included. I do want to share the tips that are somewhat obsolete:

  • How to Build Links with Flickr – SEO Tip Week 33 (Flickr links aren’t as helpful for SEO anymore, try Zooomr.com or read another post we wrote on how to use Flickr for SEO.)
  • Google’s Supplemental Results – SEO Tip Week 29 (Google no longer labels supplemental results.)
  • Find Competitor Backlinks with MSN Live – SEO Tip Week 46 (MSN has stopped showing backlink information, but this may return.)

In the end, the most important nuggets I take from this experience aside from a sense of accomplishment are that:

  1. Coming up 52 unique, robust, non-fluffed pieces of SEO advice is a difficult task.
  2. Technology has changed, but the core best SEO practices remain the same.
  3. Even those like myself that know a great deal when it comes to SEO can still learn a great deal when it comes to SEO.

Due to the constraints for publishing blog posts into a pdf, I add to erase the author credit for two very intelligent people who assisted me writing these SEO tips: Chris Alexander and Will Paoletto. Chris wrote the following tips:

As you can see, Chris wrote the more technical posts and left the easy tactics to me. Will helped me at week 47, as I was officially burning out at that time, and wrote the following posted tip.

If you find any of the tips helpful, please send us an email at contact@bigoakinc.com or better yet, come by and visit our blog: http://www.bigoakinc.com/blog/.

If you need help with your own SEO efforts, we are a full-service SEO company specializing in organic or natural search results. You can learn more about Big Oak SEO at http://www.bigoakinc.com or call us at 1-804-741-6776. Feel free to ask to speak with me.

Shell Harris
President, Big Oak SEO

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