August SEO Comic Hits the Streets

The August edition of our SEO comic, Ranked Hard, Your Link Here, is available for public consumption. This month’s comic sends up link purchasing.

View the comic in all of its glory here

Be sure to have a look at Ranked Hard’s rave reviews and find out why people have called it a “very funny comic.”  If you have an idea for a Ranked Hard comic you’d like to see put into action, shoot us a line at contact [at]  We won’t bite.  Well, Roosevelt Jones might, but that’s a story for another time.

1 Comment

  1. i think Ranked Hard is a great comic especially for us SEOers. Its funny and helpful at the same time to be honest, it reminds you of tactics you forget of because the SEO world is constantly renewing themselves we’re so busy catching up you tend to leave behind the good ol’ tactics!

    Lanette Gorvonne