Big Oak Moves to New Offices

Written on October 2, 2009 – 3:26 pm | by bigoak |

31495659Most of walls in our new offices are bare, except for George’s – he has a swanky setup going with mood lighting, and the foyer is empty at this point. We don’t entertain many customers in our office space as they prefer we come to them or else a phone call made, so furniture in the foyer is something for next month. But we are moved in, our FIOS connection is humming along at a blistering 25,000 kbps and it is all our space, so we are a happy SEO company now.

I’ve always wanted to have our own building and our sign on the door and finally that is the case. It only took six years to get to this point, but it was worth it.

The move went well and we are here for the next three years so we plan to stick around. If you are in Richmond, VA and would like to drop by, please do. The fridge is full of sodas and we have a crushed ice option on the fridge door so cold beverage are available.

We are also back in the Richmond proper, so to speak, so our address is once again a Richmond address.

Big Oak SEO
3781 Westerre Parkway
Suite C
Richmond, VA 23233

Just glad to be somewhere  where I control the thermostat. ;-)

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