Block Sites from Your Search Results

Google has added a wonderful new feature: the ability to block sites from your search results. You can read all about it on their blog post. Here is a snippet.

You’ve probably had the experience where you’ve clicked a result and it wasn’t quite what you were looking for. Many times you’ll head right back to Google. Perhaps the result just wasn’t quite right, but sometimes you may dislike the site in general, whether it’s offensive, pornographic or of generally low quality. For times like these, you’ll start seeing a new option to block particular domains from your future search results. Now when you click a result and then return to Google, you’ll find a new link next to “Cached” that reads “Block all results.”

As always, Matt’s been gracious enough to let us use him as an example. His site is awesome, though, and we doubt many people will want to block it!

But this does make me wonder. If you block a site, we can safely assume Google will track that. And if a site gets blocked too much will it drop in rankings where it hasn’t been blocked. I still believe this is a great tool and will be used by power users more than casual searchers, but it may have a more positive affect on overall search rankings than we realize. And that is probably a good thing.


  1. Think its reserved for the power users mainly, but I know lots of people who are using it to block sites such as StackOverflow and ExpertsExchange. Will have to see if its taken any effect on those two

  2. I think its an intresting new feature and gives browers the options, but i bet not many people have noticed it.
    I haven’t used it so far but atleast the option is there.

  3. This comes in real handy if you have a child who insists on visiting “questionable” sites.

  4. Didn’t notice it. Thanks for the head’s up. I hope this feature does not affect rankings or the block feature will be spammed click to benefit competitors. =(