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Written on February 8, 2012 – 12:09 pm | by Shell Harris |

Jill Whalen has created a fairly extensive list of topics you can include in your blog posts. We all know its a good idea to blog, but sometimes we have a hard time coming up with a topic or subject to write about. Well, here are 67 things to blog about, you only need to put your business or industry spin on it and make it relative to your site.

Upcoming events:

1. Classes, seminars, conferences, webinars (and why you should attend).
2. Special events (wine tastings, 5-course dinners, open houses, etc.)
3. Introduction to new products or services.
4. Important company announcements (as long as this isn’t all you do).
5. Free stuff you’re giving away.
6. Special offers, discounts, coupons.
7. Gift ideas.

Contests or other promotions:

8. Photo caption contest.
9. Holiday theme contest.
10. Product naming contest.
11. Logo design contest.
12. Send in a video contest.

Tutorials, product support and how-to guides (in the form of text, videos, or infographics):

13. How to set up your products.
14. How to choose your products or services.
15. How to use your products.
16. How to fix your products.
17. How to assemble your products.
18. How to clean your products.
19. How to protect your products.
20. How to know if you need a particular product or service.
21. How to get the most out of your product or service.
22. Explain the subtle differences between your products (and/or those of your competitors).
23. Answer reader and customer questions.
24. Conference session summaries.

Show your expertise:

25. Do it yourself: For example, how to create a Title tag, how to unclog a toilet, how to file your taxes.
26. Provide your thoughts on industry news.
27. Take an opposite stand on an important industry topic.
28. How to avoid making mistakes (in whatever it is you do).
29. Industry myths.
30. Show both sides of an industry debate and provide your opinion.
31. Discuss industry trends.
32. Discuss the results of tests you’ve performed relating to your industry.
33. How to be a better…whatever.
34. How to avoid…whatever.
35. How to protect yourself from…whatever.
36. How to survive a…whatever.
37. How to recover from a…whatever.
38. How to become a…whatever.
39. How to create a…whatever.
40. How to change your…whatever.
41. How to calculate your…whatever.
42. How to beat…whatever.
43. How to improve your…whatever.
44. How to make your…whatever…easier.
45. How to save money on…whatever.
46. How to be seen as…whatever.
47. How to have the…whatever…you always wanted.
48. How to stop doing…whatever.
49. How to justify…whatever.
50. The problems with…whatever.
51. The importance of…whatever.
52. What caused…whatever?
53. How to understanding the subtleties of…whatever.
54. What not to do with…whatever.

Interviews (in the form of writing, videos, audio, or a combination):

55. Interviews with industry experts.
56. Interviews with people who work at your company.
57. Interviews with people who’ve used your products or services.


58. Best posts of the year.
59. Breaking industry news.
60. Industry predictions for the future.
61. Provide an analogy between what you do and something in life that people can relate to.
62. Satirize your industry or products (could be via a comic):
63. Reader polls and the results.
64. Industry awards.
65. Product and service reviews and recommendations.
66. Quizzes or tests.
67. Expose bad things that are happening in your industry.
If you have more blog topics to add please contribute in the comments. Be sure to read more SEO advice from Jill’s site.

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  2. By Magia y Paranormal on Mar 4, 2012 | Reply

    Very nice the idea of adding contests to my blogs. Best regards!!!

  3. By Tudor Davies on Mar 20, 2012 | Reply

    Contests and competitions can be a great way to engage with your readers. The only problem is that in the early days you will have hardly any followers. It can take between 6 months and a year to gain dedicated followers of your contests. But once they come, it cab be really fun and exciting.

  4. By buy logo design on Apr 1, 2012 | Reply

    Nice and very informative !!

  5. By daphne on Apr 1, 2012 | Reply

    I do agree. For me its a big help! thanks anyway :)

  6. By Andru on Apr 2, 2012 | Reply

    Some interesting points! I have recently started a blog and sometime I don’t have ideas what to say :) Now I do …

  7. By droid on Apr 9, 2012 | Reply

    Blogs are so interactive where we get lots of informative on any topics nice job keep it up !!

  8. By SEO Web Consulting on Apr 9, 2012 | Reply

    I also have a business blog and here i have found some very interesting and useful points that can be very helpful for my blog.Thanks a lot!

  9. By Jollie H. on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    I should start off with making a customized logo. How about you, which one do you think should be considered first: logo or ui? Thanks for the tips above.


  10. By Anton Koekemoer on Apr 13, 2012 | Reply

    Wow – Thanks for sharing the large amount of tips. I have a couple idea’s of my own thanks to the list. Great post , thanks for sharing.

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