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9 Benefits of Guest Blogging for SEO [infographic]

Thursday, February 21st, 2013 |

SEO has changed, gone are the days where you could pump thousands of links at your website in a short period of time, get high rankings and roll in the cash. Today you have to earn your links through providing value.

Google publicly has stated that anyone gaming the system, ‘rank improvers’ will be penalized. So how does one get high quality backlinks then?

How To Earn Your Links

SEOmoz made a great post on earning your links, however here are some:

  • Create amazing content (that people naturally link to)
  • Create viral content (that people share)
  • Contribute high quality guest posts (which you contribute)

In the infographic below we will go over some of the basic benefits that guest posting brings you.

benefits of guest blogging

The infographic was created with the help of the team at Check out what there up too at their news page.

Editor’s Note: Using infographics for guest blogging also works.


Download this infographic.

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Taking Advantage of Infographic Appeal

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 |

The use of information graphics or infographics is gaining more and more appeal as an online communication tool.  The idea revolves around using a visual or graphic representation of data or information.  In the technology driven world we live in, businesses are looking for more and better ways of being noticed.  Because infographics utilize writing, pictures, design, and even analysis they can more easily communicate ideas that might be difficult or complex in a format that more people can connect with.

Multi-media Combinations Can Simplify Communication

By combining graphics with your information, you may be able to simplify the communication of your ideas to the general public.  When information is conveyed in a multitude of ways, including text, sound, pictures, moving images, and so forth it can grab one’s attention.  If items move into the viewing area from different directions it forces the viewer to pay stronger attention because they never know which direction something will come from.  In other words you are keeping your viewer engaged, which is the key to understanding.

Humans Are Highly Visual

High quality text content is still very critical in today’s world; however, pictures or graphics have always been an attention getter.  From the youngest age people seem to be drawn to pictures.  This is why a child’s first book is a picture book.  Adults also notice pictures and graphics more quickly than they notice words.  In fact, only about 10% of the information most people encounter on a daily basis is in textual format, with the rest being in image form.  Making your website highly appealing visually allows you to utilize the form of communication that most people are drawn to.

Capture Attention

With everything moving at the high speeds of today’s world, getting people to stop and pay attention is critical.  Your want your message to be appealing and effective.  Part of the problem is the number of distractions that are bombarding your potential customers; you need to be able to hold onto their attention.  Attention spans seem to have become shorter as well, so keeping your message engaging is highly important if you want people to get the entire message.  Using captivating designs and clever use of color can enhance the experience and help to retain attention.

Simple Explanations of Complex Ideas

Particularly when data is technical or deep, presenting it in the form of text can be problematic.  It may take paragraphs or even pages of text to go over all the details.  Presenting the data in a shortened form using infographics may be a better option.  This is a way to combine pictures, animation, text and even voice-overs to help get your idea over to the public in a much more palatable format.  The basic idea is show and tell – people can often understand things better when both words and pictures or images are being used.

When statistical data is being presented, using infographics can help to improve the understanding of the information.  Using text with facts and figures, graphs, and other visual aids can improve the person’s ability to understand the data.  Long lines of figures or data in a paragraph of text can be more challenging to wade through and get a clear vision of what is being presented.

Points to Consider for Infographic Video Creation

  • Your infographic video should be short so it will maintain its appeal
  • The video should be interactive and simple.  There should be balance between the amount of animation and the message
  • Know who your target audience is and cater to them
  • Make your message clear
  • Present your information like a story so that it entertains as well as informs
  • Create an engaging script
  • Video characters should help viewers experience some kind of emotion.  This will encourage them to share the message with others

Infographics as a Marketing Tool

In addition to utilizing infographics to enhance your website, they can be used in training and as a marketing tool.  When looking for high authority links, you may find that some sites are very willing to include an infographics video on their site and include a link to your website.

As you can see, there is a wide appeal for infographics.  Sharing information is easier and snagging attention is easier too.  The more learn about infographics, the more likely you will be to incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy.

With so many infographic site you have a large number of quality backlinks that are available if you have a infographic worthy of submission. Some have a cost involved, but many are free.

Some infographics sites we use:

List of Submission Sites for Infographics

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 |

Submit Your Infographics Here

Update [1/2014] I have updated this list, adding a few new infographic submissions sites and removing sites that are no longer active and removing a few that are no longer relevant. Hopefully this makes your time submitting infographics more efficient while yielding better results.

I would love to add your infographic submission site too so this becomes a collection source for others to use. If you have a site to add, please leave the URL and a description in the comments. We will move it onto the list after approving it. Do not submit your site unless you have at least 3 months of consistent posting and write unique content to go with each infographic submission.

    Unlike other sites that collect and share informative, visually stunning graphics, Infographics Showcase charges a fee for a guaranteed submissions. In exchange, you will get 2 lifetime links and a original written review. Their submission page includes a link to a check out page. You also get a Facebook mention and a twitter post to your blog post on
    Don’t let the .co fool you. This infographic site is for real. It has a head of steam and writes unique content with all its posts. Submit here.
    Cool Infographics collects, as the name suggests, dazzling, fun, interesting and excellent information graphics. Note that it’s not a hosting website, but a sharing site. The website owner picks out images that are cool enough to make the cut. Here’s a link to the contact page where you can send your submissions.
  4. Vizual Archive showcases the latest infographics; each post includes a unique intro and is shared on their social media accounts. Submissions cost $35, but discounted packages are available to agencies and sites that publish many infographics. Submit your infographic via their submission page.
    This is a community of people dedicated to sharing graphical information. Social issues, the latest news and all kinds of activities are depicted here through data and design. Create an account to submit your stuff. accepts images, videos, standalone HTML files, SWF files, Java files and PDFs.
    Here is where you can submit, reference and enjoy information graphics. Just sign up to get an account and you can start submitting. A great thing about is that your profile can serve as your online portfolio, making the site ideal for designers and publishers.
    Reddit has a specific subreddit dedicated to infographics. The social news website reached 100,000 visitors at one point in January and 200,000 in August (due to U.S. President Obama’s Ask Me Anything session), and it’s the 121st most visited site according to Alexa. What’s more, Reddit is slowly taking over Digg. The online bulletin board is a website to be reckoned with if you’re in web promotion. To submit, all you need is an account. Once you’re registered and logged in, just click on “Submit a link” to send links to your graphics. If you’re submitting from a subreddit, scroll down to get to the submit button.
    For most users, Tumblr is for fun, laughs, entertainment and slaking Internet addiction. To date, 71.6 million posts are created everyday, and there are now more than 69.4 million blogs and over 29.8 billion total posts on the site. That’s seriously big stuff. Submitting pictorial representations is easy. You can either make your own Tumblr blog, or submit to blogs that collect infographics, like this one. combines data with eye candy graphs, charts, diagrams and maps.
    Data Visualization is a vast resource of information and news displayed in the form of visuals. is actually organized by Data Visualization. The infographic sharing site aims to deliver research findings, self-initiated studies, and even opinions. An online submission form is available on the site and doesn’t require you to log in. You can also send your projects simply by hitting them up on Twitter via @datavis.
    Authored by Killer Infographics, this site has a homepage that’s styled in an innovative, gallery-type layout. Their collection is filled with statistical and historical information as well as pieces of trivia. Hand over your infographic by filling out a form, which can be found here.
    What makes this site unique is that aside from accepting submissions, it also provides a list of websites for distributing information graphics (much like our list here). This is a commercial site, and charges $100 for submissions and getting two links. Once your image is approved, it will also appear on the site’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Click here for the submission page.
    The site is made of a group of programmers and designers who enjoy fun, valuable infographics. Their pictorial presentations are informative and creative, and they also accept submissions, which may be free or paid. Infographics Archive can guarantee that paid submissions will be posted. There are different packages to choose from if you go for guaranteed submissions. Check out their online submission form here.
    Daily Infographic creates pictorial illustrations of data, collects from everywhere on the Internet, and accepts submissions. They make sure to publish only stunning, information-filled graphics. If you want your graphics featured on the site, here is where to go.
    Each of the posts are linked to the original source/webpage of the infographics, so when visitors click on a post, they’re automatically redirected to your site. The diagrams and charts here look simplified. Click here for the Submission page and follow the instructions.
    InfographicPost’s gallery of information visuals brings creatively crafted statistical images to the Web. The site is updated every week and all industries are welcome to submit. Here are instructions for submissions.
    Brilliantly designed infographics are arranged into categories, and you can submit PDFs, images and videos. Love Infographics also offers graphic design services for anyone who needs data visualizations. The best thing about them is that they provide a no obligation quote and offer advice even if you don’t proceed with getting their services. You must register and log in first before sending your work.
    Here is a blog that can easily be a favorite among infographic fans and SEOs. Illustrations about any subject from any company and country are welcome. Submission is free and you don’t have to log in. Here is where to submit.
    This infographic repository and blog has some topics that you might not find in other infographic sites. It has information related to online dating and celebrity gossip aside from topics on business, technology, science and lifestyle. Also, there are humorous posts that may not be 100% factual. Click here for the site’s contact page.
    Pure Infographics is a place where graphic visualizations are stored, shared, enjoyed and used as reference. The site continues to gather well-designed, interesting and innovative projects. There’s a $40 charge for every submission. If your post gets approved, it will appear both on the site and its Twitter account. Submit here.
    A blog dedicated to data visualizations, the site accepts infographics about different topics. The people behind the blog also offer marketing and graphic design services. There are instructions on the submission page you must follow to send in your images.
    The site focuses on both pictorial and video infographics. Video Infographic also offers video infographic services. The images vary in complexity, design and topic. Submitting is easy and free. Just go here.
    Video and graphical infographics are both features on this blog, which claims to have the best infographics in the world. Indeed, its informational pictures are quite astounding and you can learn a lot from them. Sending them your projects is easy — just drop them a line or two here.
    Infographic Love has a Pinterest-like layout. It features some of the most creative infographics of the SEO, online marketing and tech niches, and it includes a wide range of categories. You have to pay a review fee of $40 before your submission gets approved. Here is where to go for submissions.
    Unlike other sites that collect and share informative, visually stunning graphics, Infographics Showcase charges a fee of $100 for submissions. In exchange, you will get 2 lifetime links. Their submission page includes a link to a check out page.
    Allows one link with the submission of your infographic. A decent Alexa ranking (under 200K) make it a worthwhile site to submit to and many of the infographics have social media votes, making us think this site is visited often.
    Money Infographics is a personal finance blog dedicated to any infographics about money.
    Infographic submission site that has kept up current submissions. Nothing out of the ordinary, but they stay on schedule

Add your infographic site: Email us at Do not submit your site unless you have at least 3 months of consistent posting and write unique content to go with each infographic submission.

The Power of Infographics for Link Building

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 |

Infographics are widely used today and you cannot open a newspaper, turn on a news channel or drive for long without bumping into one.  Infographics are used widely online by media savvy businesses looking to build their brand identity and also because they are able to transfer a great deal of information using a graphic – they are much, much more than a simple picture.

We created Infographics Showcase a year ago to help with our clients’ link building and branding needs and it has been a wonderful tool for us. It has also lead to some infographic design work which has been a nice source of income for Big Oak Studios.

The format for an infographic is varied, but there are some common themes; they are very relevant plus how they render up the information to the user is easy to understand plus there is an added bonus of playing to a humorous aspect of the information or context.

Infographics are also widely shared – instead of people sharing a news article or blog post, it is simpler to share the infographic.  The propensity to be shared is what makes an infographic such an excellent tool for SEO – not only are they highly relevant and easy to understand, but they create a lot of links by being shared or adopted by other users.

Infographics lend themselves to almost any situation; if you have even the most convoluted business model or idea, you can convey the fundamental features and benefits effectively using an infographic.  An online storage company,, had a problem in getting people to understand how much data storage was provided by a petabyte.  Many users are familiar with a gigabyte, but they do this by equating what a gigabit of data actually represents – for those downloading video, a gigabyte is a couple of episodes of a favorite TV show, or 300 to 350 songs on an iPod.  The problem is consumers don’t have a conception of a terabyte (1024 GB), and the idea of a petabyte (1024 TB) is beyond any day-to-day equative understanding.  How much data is represented by a petabyte falls into focus when you are told that it equals the information stored in 20 million 4-drawer filing cabinets though.

Infographics do take a lot of time to design because the different strands of information need to be drawn together.  The designer needs to have a good view of the “big picture” and be able to handle large amounts of information as well as understand how the target audience is looking at the world.  Companies using infographics tend to start off with small examples and work up from there; there is a degree of trial and error to find the right format, the right level of information to pitch at readers and the overall impact and feedback they generate for the business.  You should not lose sight of the fact you are using an infographic for a specific set of business reasons – link backs, sharing of information, delivering relevant information to increase consumer awareness of you and your products/services or indeed, sales conversions.

Touching on the link backs for SEO purposes; if you create an infographic then you should be credited as the owner of the work.  This means including your copyright mark (© 2010) and the link to your own website together with the small print stating the infographic can be shared but with attribution.  This is also a good time to look at whether you have a company logo or not, because you should be aligning your brand identity with the infographic.

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