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Written on March 11, 2008 – 12:56 pm | by bigoak |

Google has updated its advanced search page. While most people probably don’t look at the advanced search page very often, it has some nice features, especially for an SEO Expert. One of the best features is the ability to see 100 results at a time rather than the usual 10. Add the CustomizeGoogle Addon for the Firefox browser and you can view numbers beside your listing-now you don’t have to count to find you are at position 67, there will be numbers beside each listing to show you.

Also, selecting the Language as English will more realistic results. (You can also select the English language in the preferences.)

For example searching for ‘big oak seo’ returns 77,900 English pages with results when English is selected language. If you search with Any Language selected the results return 88,100 pages. Not a huge difference, right? It gets worse with more generic phrases. Searching for ‘search engine optimization’ with English shows 1,900,000 and without shows 36,900,000. These number will fluctuate, but using English as the language will get you more accurate resutls, especially when you are trying to factor the level of competition for a key phrase you may be targeting.

Of course you can filter your searches through the Advance Search form in a variety of ways and that’s for the for the power user as well as the Mom looking for the best place to groom her pet. Getting familiar with the advanced features can help you do research for keywords as well as finding information about how to grow an avocado plant or a video on growing an avocado seed.

For the SEO enthusiast or the small Internet business owner you can search by date, usage rights and even where the keywords show up on the page. All helpful information when trying to create your SEO plan. Google provides a wealth of information you just have to know where to start digging. The Advanced Search page by Google is a great place to start.

  1. 4 Responses to “Google Advanced Search”

  2. By Sean on Mar 12, 2008 | Reply

    Thanks for this reminder that Google has tools to help SEO research. I forget that these options are available.

  3. By Tom Anders on Mar 12, 2008 | Reply

    “One of the best features is the ability to see 100 results at a time rather than the usual 10″
    What do you mean here? That feature was already there, right?

  4. By Shell Harris on Mar 13, 2008 | Reply

    Tom – Yes, that feature was already a part of Google’s Advanced Search as were most of the other features. I was pointing it out to anyone who didn’t know about it.

  5. By Tom Anders on Mar 13, 2008 | Reply

    I thought that you were pointing put the new features. Because I couldn’t find any :)

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