Google Analytics Gets an Update with Motion Charts & More

Google already had the most user-friendly analytics program (you are using it, right?), and now they have added even more features to this wonderful and free tool. Yes, Google Analytics is free and it is invaluable in helping you understand your website’s traffic. You can find more videos showing off these new features, but I have included my favorite below which shows off the new motion charts in Google Analytics.


  1. Wow. I didn’t even know until now that Yahoo has any kinds of analytics software.

  2. To be honest I check Google Analytics nearly every day and I didn’t notice this.. thanks for keeping me informed. I’ve still yet to figure out all of the features included with Google Analytics.

    One thing I do wish they would add is IP address tracking since they already have geotargeting. I’d like to be able to sync google analytics with my MMS to see what keyword they were searching during signup.

    Thanks, – Jason

  3. @ Will. Thanks a lot I didn´t know that tool. Both tools (google and yahoo) are great.

  4. It would be nice to have such a tool to compare with the concurrence by keyword.

  5. I use google analytics and check it daily, however it always shows different numbers than awstats (apache webstats) which I find is odd. Google is always roughly 10% lower in hits/uniques than awstats. It is a very intuitive program however, so I do use it in conjunction with many other log analyzers as it is very powerful!

  6. Google Analytics is a great tool for sure that helps me understand traffic to my website, which keywords are bringing people, which referring sites are playing a role, how long people are staying etc. All these has helped me to fine tune my site.

  7. yes in fairnes it’s very innovative and cool Google already had the most user-friendly analytics program which is great too.

  8. Wow. That is so cool! More and more, Google is finding ways to make essential and constructive tools that we can use. Actually, I am already using Google Analytics. It is very helpful and user-friendly, indeed!

  9. Well I have heard that google analytics are not really adapted for the european internetmarket, because of the strict new law about personal data protections.

  10. All european webmasters should be very carefully with google analytics. Our recent laws for the protection of personal data have being more and more strict!

  11. The menu for Motion Charts is not showing up on my Anayltics. Has the service started?

  12. I don´t know if the service has started. Like “Baugeld” I can just warn european webmasters for google analytics. We had some problems because we are collecting for it the IP addresses. In Europe its forbidden!

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