Google Backs Down from eBay

How many companies can make Google Blink? At least one and that company is eBay. Take a look at the no. 74 in the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business as reported by You’ll read that Google invited eBay’s top sellers to a party promoting Google’s Checkout payment system, a competitor with eBay’s PayPal. eBay found out and pulled its ads from Google for a week, just to test. “Mysteriously” Google’s party was canceled.

Its good to know Google “respects” someone. Even it is must cost them a lot of money before they do


  1. Another example of young inexperienced “players” thinking they control the Universe only to be slapped back into line. What is it they say… “Money talks and…” Well you know.

    It is nice to see Google recognize an “authority site” if only for financial purposes.

  2. Money is everything…a similar situation happened with the BMW (German Cars) in Germany.

  3. one of the few situations were Google were showed that they can’t do whatever they please anytime they please it…unfortunately not many companies can achieve what Ebay achieved here..