Google Guy Debuts in SEO Comic

In case you don’t follow our SEO comic, Ranked Hard, here is a reminder to head on over to the site. It has new design and more importantly a new comic. If you haven’t read any of the previous SEO comics get ready for a treat. We take a look at the comical side of the SEO industry and poke a little fun as well as give a little criticism at the crazy world of search engine optimization. Give us some feedback on your favorites and let us know if there are any topics or taboos you would like satirized by the Ranked Hard (mythical) staff.

Here is a glimpse of our latest comic, introducing our superhero, Google Guy who fights for Internet City against Black Hat! Click here to read the rest of the comic and find out who wins!



  1. Nice stuff this guy produces

  2. I never read comics and i have never seen this before so it was kind of interesting to read them. Google seems to be super man.

  3. Poor Google guy. Those must be some pretty hard hats. Thanks for the SEO comics. Keep them coming.

  4. Nice way of presenting google seo through comic. And nice snaps.

  5. I am crazy about comics. I have collections of all MARVEL super hero. But I like this super hero too–Google Guy a cool name. I must go through SEO comics.

  6. Awesome! I want to recommend a girly comic. How about Google Bot Meet Seo Chick???

    Judith :)

  7. Wow! this is so cool. This is a very good initiative. Really really effective. Can’t wait for other episodes.

  8. some day googleguy will beat the blackhat :)

  9. Great Comic! Thanks for your information which sounds pretty impressive. Your article are adoptable and I was inspired to get through your discussions. Thanks for sharing related topic which would be of great help for me.

  10. Thanks for the sharing black hat man’s defeat!

  11. Nice comic! What is funny is that “black hat” is the one thing in SEO that has not really changed, other than content being king! Good Work Here!