Google Launches Trends for Websites

Google launched Google Trends for Websites today and I’m excited.

Not a lot of time today, but if you are a linkbuilder this is great news for you.

Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land, makes a good point that I agree with:

Now, if you think like a link builder – you can use this tool to find sites that are within your “neighborhood” or industry. So if I want to find link partners for the Search Engine Roundtable, I enter in, look at the related sites and ask all of them for links. Then I go to all of those sites and see who is related to them. You can, theoretically, keep expanding that list, as far is it makes sense.


  1. Shell, Thanks for the heads up – will check out Google’s Trends ASAP. And being free – I wonder if it will out preform Alexa and company? Thanks again.

  2. Google Site Search uses synonyms and biasing to make searches relevant on Web sites for small and midsize businesses. Google says the new features in Site Search will improve sales. Site Search is a rebranded version of Google Custom Search Business Edition. An analyst says the new indexes could also improve Google’s main search tool.

  3. the URL is here:
    Also I don’t believe it will help the seo comunity too much.
    The data they show us is very limited in my opinion. And to find link partners with this..come on..there are better options for that.

  4. Honestly I have tried google analytics and it is great but it is very nice to know that some other options are offered and again by google.
    As for you mentionning if anyone can say that google is the most powerful company in the world…i personnally don’t believe so and with the mistakes they are making i don’t think they ever will be.
    You should check out this website and see for yourself if they can justify their dominance:

  5. Ok you said, that google trends has new feature for websites, I could not find any feature, it always has worked has search volume metric system.

    What is this new feature are you talking about?
    It does not make sense to me.

  6. That;s the big news and will make tough searching, an easy process. Thanks Google again.

  7. Hi Harris ,
    Thanks for your quick update. Previously I would have been using google analytics.
    But Google trends seems to be more user friendly.
    once again thanks for your update..

  8. I’m not sure that it will help the SEO community too. But companies should be able to refuse to appear in such statistics, no?

  9. Trends is probably one indispensable tool for webmasters and bloggers as well..Google is really trudging on the right path…

  10. the data shown by Google is a bit limited for SEO purposes.

  11. Michael, I would still be using Google Analytics as it gives information specific to your site and not just a “trend” based on sites like yours.

  12. I just started playing around with this. As usual anything Google does for free usually turns out great. I love their analytics and I’m sure this this will be just as useful!

  13. NIce information! Good Work