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Written on May 17, 2007 – 6:21 pm | by Shell Harris |

Wow, Google is already the known leader in the search engine market and they are now moving ahead of the competition even further with Universal Search. Can anything stop them? You may have noticed some search results showing a lot more than just text results, well that is universal search kicking in. You can see the search for Darth Vader as an example of the new look.

Reading this snipped bit of text from the blog post on the Googleblog certainly seems exciting.

Although it’s just a beginning, this first pass of universal search focuses on video, news, local and books. Now you’ll be able to get more information Google knows about directly from within the search results. You won’t have to know about specialized areas of content. If you’re looking for the [atkins southwestern pork fajitas] recipe, we can now link you right to that page in the book. Or if, like me, you’ve been busy these past few days and have not caught up with your Tivo, don’t type [sopranos] into Google, because our news result will be a giant spoiler. The search for [rachmaninoff concerto 3] includes a video of Vladimir Horowitz performing this piece (scroll down to see it), and [Animator vs. Animation 2] is pretty cool as well. (And as Johanna notes: I was delighted to see that when querying for my son’s name a video showed up too.)

How this bodes for the search engine optimization industry remains to be seen, but helping site that deserve to be found in the search results will always be a good thing. I feel this can only help the better sites rise to the top and everyone should be in favor of that.

You can read the entire post about Google’s Universal Search. You can also find more when reading Universal search: The best answer is still the best answer.

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  2. By on May 18, 2007 | Reply

    This is an expected evolution of Search, just done the Google way – key it in, and see everything related to that, but i am not sure if Google will be master of all this media. text yes, images maybe, videos: NO. someone will kill video search better than Google, and they will probably be the Google of the next decade. Because they will realize that videosense will bring them billions.

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