Google’s Estimating Algorithm

As always you have to take anything from Google with a grain of salt, espeically since most of their ranking algorithms are closely guarded secrets.

However you really have to wonder when their estimating algorithm has trouble counting to 17 as illustrated below with screenshot snippets from the first two pages of results I witnessed today.





  1. Haha. Way to watch google. I swear they drive me nuts. One day my website is on page three for good search terms, the next it’s completely gone. I’ll be glad to show this one to my forum members. Thanks.

  2. Very interesting, I wonder how this happened? I’ve never seen anything like this on any of my searches.

  3. It seems that Google has a lot of problems like that have you ever tried to attempt to navigate through the pages beyond 80/90?

  4. I’ve spotted a couple of weird things recently and have seen other blogs mention other things happening too.

  5. Yes, I have seen more or less the same on several occasions. They are known to constantly change their algorithms, so bugs like this are probably a consequence of that.