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Written on February 12, 2007 – 12:25 pm | by Shell Harris |

Our head researcher/copywriter and SEO strategis, Alyssa Duvall, wrote an article on Increasing Conversions for our SEO newsletter that I felt should be included in our blog. I didn’t place the entire artilce but you can read the entire article on our site if this introduction peaks your interest.

I recently attended the Persuasive Online Copywriting Seminar at Future Now‘s offices in Brooklyn, NY. They are a great bunch of folks who work from the customer’s point of view to adjust the messaging and sales process on a website to increase the site’s conversion rate.

I learned a great deal during my two days with the Future Now team and will be integrating this knowledge into Big Oak’s site optimization process. One of the many light-bulb moments I had during the seminar came when I was presented with this idea:

Many online businesses fail to consider their customer’s buying process and instead force their customers to adapt to the company’s selling process.

Talk about a powerful and true criticism. The sales process or the item being sold doesn’t have to be complicated for a company to follow this flawed mentality. A simple purchase online can be an arduous task if the seller has put roadblocks in the way of the buyer ultimately making the purchase.

How many times have you hunted around on a website looking for shipping policies or specific product information? When this happens, more often that not, the company is including the information they think is important, in a way that makes sense to them, without asking what the customer needs or where they would intuitively look for it. When I was shopping for my LCD HDTV, I was very concerned about each model’s height and width because I have an entertainment cabinet that the TV was going to have to fit in. A few inches here or there for the set’s speakers or stand made a huge difference in the models I would even consider. Finding this information wasn’t always easy or where I expected to find it.

So what is a company to do? The solution is to alter your company’s selling process so that it allows your customers to easily step through their buying process. Sounds impossible, I know, and it is going to take some effort and customer insight to change your company-centric thinking. But the reward of higher conversion is well worth the effort.

Read the entire article on Increasing Conversions

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