July Comic for Ranked Hard

Our newest SEO Comic, which pokes fun at Jason Calacanis is live. You can read “Jason Calacanis – SEO Has No Future.”

Not sure who Jason Calacanis is? If you are in the SEO industry you would probably have some interest. You can read about him at Wikipedia, of course and you can check out his very opinionated blog as well. Suffice to say Mr. Calacanis doesn’t have a high regard for SEO and that is the crux of this month’s issue of Ranked Hard. Enjoy and please make comments on the comic. We love feedback.


  1. I am not agree with that guy Carcanis, SEO will die only if search engines dies, and search engines won’t die. The other I read an articlesabout “DIGG will replace Google”, of course no, digg is a community for bloggers and not a social network, the stories only get the front page because people is cheating.

  2. I completely agree with Business Man. There is no way that SEO can be left out.