Longterm Linkbait – Avoid Peaks & Valleys

Written on February 12, 2008 – 1:05 pm | by bigoak |

I’ve been reading about the tactics and benefits of creating linkbait for a while now. I’ve come to the conclusion that linkbait is good, for the most part. Linkbait is good because you want to write something that other people feel is interesting enough to link to. Linkbait is also good because it supports the very backbone of the internet…linking. I think if you want to create something for the sole purpose of having people link to it, then go right ahead, nothing wrong with that. If it motivates you to write or build or create, then so much the better.

But here is where the line blurs, where the light moves to the dark, where angles fear to tread, so to speak. I don’t support the idea of creating poorly thought-out, duplicated information or junky linkbait. If you are going to create something for the sole purpose of increasing your link popularity then be sure it is worth linking to. This usually means it is something that you have put some time and thought into. It should be an investment of both. It isn’t natural to create a new linkbait page everyday. This is bordering on spam. One of my favorite blogs comes from the mind of Steve Pavlina and is chock full of great linkbait, but he writes what he does for the sake of creating interesting and creative ideas. The linkbait part is just a natural extension of his excellent writing.

LinkbaitTopical linkbaiting is falling out of favor recently, with users and search engines. Topical linkbaiting is the tactic of writing about something that is topical and hoping the buzz around it will have people linking to you. This is good marketing and shouldn’t be abandoned, but I wouldn’t rely on this for my search engine marketing strategy. Usually this type of linkbaiting looks like a series of peaks and valleys in your site’s analytics, which Google views as temporary popularity and not sustained popularity, thereby devaluing the links and the content. By all means, ride the current waves, but be sure you have a good stable of linkbait that provides a solid base of constant viewers and steady link building. Look to create helpful information that doesn’t have a shelf life – how-to articles and tips are good way to do this.

I suppose linkbaiting has been more on my mind as my SEO Company, Big Oak, creates a monster linkbait initiative. I hope it will be longstanding and provide increased readership and link popularity. I think you will find it follows my rules. It isn’t topical and I don’t believe it will only provide a one-time spike. It is a monthly comic, and probably too much thought and too much time has been put towards it, but I think you will agree that the quality of the product is there because of our care. So while you mull over your linkbait strategy, and you should have one, take a moment to read Ranked Hard, our SEO Comic. Oh, and if you want to link to it, who am I to stop you.

  1. 6 Responses to “Longterm Linkbait – Avoid Peaks & Valleys”

  2. By cttours on Feb 12, 2008 | Reply

    I believe that link bait is not for everyone. It is expensive to create really good link bait on a regular basis, it brings short term traffic and poor quality – conversions traffic-if any at all if the link bait is successful.
    And link baiting for links will mean links from all kind of sites, links that have a short life very likely and mainly using anchor texts I have no control over. I can say I am not a huge fan of link bait and I am yet to be persuaded is worthing the money.Of course this is just my opinion :)

  3. By Charlie on Feb 13, 2008 | Reply

    I thought linkbait was a good thing, surely webmasters want linkbait to attract other sites to link to yours creating a link?

    OK so it may not in turn generate a great deal of traffic but the benefit of having the link will improve your page rank and so on…

    Why does it need to be expensive, just do a short video on YouTube or Camtasia and people will link to it (if its good, funny or sexy).

    Check out the James D.Brausch Freedom Business System (www.freedombusinesssystem.com) this will help you decide.

  4. By Mike on Feb 15, 2008 | Reply

    I wish it was that easy to create a good link bait. I never managed to create a good link bait until now but I am not giving up-yet :)

  5. By johnegood on Feb 17, 2008 | Reply

    The problem with creating link bait is that it needs to be quality and useful. If you have to market your link bait, it’s not worth the effort. You need to create something that is really popular and which attracts links virally.

    I’ve made two runs at creating “link bait”. In both cases, I did a lot more than some clever writing:

    Lesser effort: The Reading Skills Pyramid
    Major effort: SpellingCity.com

  6. By johnegood on Feb 17, 2008 | Reply

    Also from me…I inadvertently stumbled across the use of topical link baiting. A woman (Margo Foster) who trains at my karate studio hit the news one night… I blogged about it and it tripled my daily viewers for over a week.

  7. By Max on Feb 18, 2008 | Reply

    Link baiting is good to go as long as its a quality site and relevant. But we all know that its not that easy to have one. The only key is to be determined and never lose hope. LOL…

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