Matt Cutts Answers Questions About Link Disavow Tool

With the recent release of Google’s Link Disavow tool. There’s way too much incorrect info about it being added to the Internet.

In case you missed it, please read the below article, which was posted October 29, 2012. It’s a Q & A with Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts, and it’s the single most accurate and complete write up you will find. The comments at the end are also worth paying attention to.

PS – Thanks to Eric Ward for this link.

Oh, and if you are wondering if the Link Disavow, plus reinclusion request actually works, you can read about a successful case study at David Naylor’s site:

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  1. Huh…not sure how this is going to work. From the way I read it Google doesn’t want us to simply disavow. On the other hand, good luck getting bad sites to de-link. So in order to show a different “snapshot” is looks like we’d have to de-link a good site or two at the same time we disavow the bad ones. Am I reading the implications of this correctly?