Matt Cutts Enters Ranked Hard, the SEO Comic

We have finished our third installment of the “hit SEO comic,” Ranked Hard. Sorry to keep pushing it on our Big Oak blog, but we want to give the comic a fair chance so I’m announcing it on our blog.

Take a look at the latest strip, “Cutt Her Some Slack.” It deals with the SEO industry’s obsession with all things Google, particularly, Matt Cutts, a Google Engineer who has been the voice of Google to the SEO community for some time. A lot a value is placed on what Matt says and probably he would admit that everyone should relax a little and not over analyze every word he speak or types.

Suffice to say if you don’t know who Matt is you may not find this strip as funny as the rest, but hopefully it introduces you to Mr. Cutts and expands your knowledge of the SEO Universe.


  1. Well, Google is Google and they do it their way and sometimes they helps you find useful things on the net too.
    But some of the guys in there are nice. I met Vint Cerf last time he was in Oslo, Norway and had a nice chat with him and it was interesting I think.

  2. Matt Cutts has been helping the SEO community a lot through his blog. Definitely he has been a voice of Google to the SEO community

  3. Hi guys,

    Really love your blog, especially the 52 tips. Your advice has been invaluable to my SEO. Mentioned you on my blog today (March 11) — — and put a link to your site. Many thanks.

  4. Daniboy – Thanks for the compliment and the link from your blog. We appreciate it. I’m glad our tips were helpful. I’m also impressed with your ranking for marketing copywriter in Yahoo…well done!

  5. Thanks! The Yahoo thing is largely due to you!

  6. Its amazing how everyone hangs on Matt’s words. I think if your just doing the right stuff and don’t have a question if its white hat or black hat, than you are probably on the correct track.