Optimization of Search Engine Results in Bing

I’ve played around with Bing over the last few days to see what it offers. Most of my evaluation has been of the results page from the user’s point of view.

  • Are the results I’m getting relevant?
  • How would I use the tools on the left side (“refined” results, Related Searches, Search History, etc)?
  • How would I pick which result to click on?

As an SEO company, we know it’s important that the client’s site ranks well and that search engine users click through (more traffic + more sales = more revenue which makes our clients happy). Users only have a few pieces of information to help them decide what site to visit when they’re looking at a results page: the title (that is also the link to the page), a short description, and the URL of the page.

From what I’ve seen of the results in Bing so far, it looks like the results page is pulling the title tag and meta description, which is pretty standard. However, they’ve added a little something extra to help users decide if this is the site they want before they click. When you hover over a search result, a horizontal line with an orange dot appears on the right. Mouse over the dot and a Preview window opens. In that Preview there is copy from the page, maybe a phone number and/or email address for the site, and sometimes even 5 deep links. So where is this information coming from?

It looks as if Bing is pulling the first content on the page and the first links. This isn’t so great if you’ve put a tag line at the top or Global navigation above your more-customer friendly links. Here I did a search for “diamond engagement rings” and found MySolitaire as the #3 result. The Preview included the first content on the page (double bonus, it also contained the terms “diamond”, “engagement”, and “rings”) and the first links.


But wait, there’s more to it. A search on “Lucero CDs” gives us Amazon as the #7 result. But its Preview copy is not what appears at the top of the page (and the code). Instead, the Preview pulls information father down; it is actually a customer review.


In this case it looks like Bing is pulling the first “unique” content on the page since many of Amazon’s pages share the same information at the top.  And the content it pulled did not contain “Lucero” or “CDs”.  In a few other results for different searches, it seems they are pulling content near the top but not what I would’ve guessed. So it seems like  Bing is looking for copy that:

  • Is near the top of the page
  • Is unique
  • Has the keywords in it (which is like when there is no meta description and the SE pulls content from the page, that includes the keywords, for the description of the listing on the results page)

Bing is so new that I’m not suggesting your run out and change the key pages of your website to maximize what could be in the Preview window. But, if you are thinking about site optimization for Bing’s result, you might want to consider what content and links are at the top of your page and the copy around your prominent keywords for the page.


  1. It is with great interest I have studied your website that has a lot of valuable information. I think that sometimes one tends to forget the basic rules for establishing the overall strategies and the tactics needed to get to an acceptable ROI. I also like that you are a fan of good business principles like common sense often exchanged for fancy technical terms that hardly anybody understand but the few. It is a good thing to see the usage of the term relevance which must be connected to the services offered. Thank you!

  2. I am also confuse in using Bing search engine and dont know whether it shows relevant search or not. If its on same algo on which MSN was running then it might be fine.

  3. Thanks for the post. The results surprised me. Bing is pulling the first “unique” content on the page. Thats cool! After ewading your post I would like to change the key pages of my website. I can stop myself :-)

  4. it’s really strange to know that bingo is considering the top level content.. As we all know that Optimizing a page for a good ranking takes time.. but in bingo it’s not a big deal to put your site on the very first page.. coz it’s pulling content from top.. So it’s really gonna be a big day for impatient webmasters. they can easily improve their results.

  5. I have been getting a lot of traffic from bing, but as a user I can’t stand it. Everytime I search for something it only gives me a few results as compared to google and then shows me the results for other long tail keywords.I tried using it for a few days instead of Google and it just annoyed me. But after reading your post, i might just change my mind.

  6. Thanks for posting such a nice article…. before this i had never used Bing for seo… after reading this article i think it’ll be a better option for a good SEO…

  7. I don`t really like the ranking of bing… it is just to easy to rank :( so all the bad page rank well toO!

  8. Hey nice post. you are right about bing. i have also started getting little bit of traffic from bing. looks like people started using bing. anyway thanks for sharing.

  9. Hope this time its works for me. As I don,t get any result earlier.

  10. I tried bing but I don’t like the search results.

  11. Some of the options available in the bing are better then IE or Chrome even give you more user friendly environment to their users in some options. Not that much attractive, which convince me to left the fire fox . . .

  12. Hi Gibs,

    You don’t need to confuse about Bing, I am also using Bing.I have a good experience with this search engine.This search engine is a pretty good, but not Reliable, because it doesn’t show the relevant results all time, which the user needs while searching something in Bing.

  13. I have used Bing too but as Jan said its search results are not much convincing.

  14. Yes i am not favor of Bing i used it many time but it’s not that user friendly. some time users get confused yeah Bing carry a lot of other better options but one thing i am kind of sure about it’s very hard to compete with Google may be it would damage yahoo but But Google is google.

  15. Hi,

    The number of visitors at bing are less as compare to others like google, yahoo. But optimizing for bing could be helpful too because people preferring bing will always use bing.