Outside of the Box with Web 2.0

The power to make or break any website or blog is the amount of traffic and ROI (return on investment) that can be generated from month to month. When your livelihood depends upon your on site internet presence, it pays to think outside of the box and explore opportunities as they present themselves.  Last week I introduced you to the Apple iPhones App for getting your blog iPhone ready and a quality back link from the Apple.com site.

Since it’s Friday and a gorgeous hello “Global Warning” day here in Richmond Virginia, I thought I would take the time to show you just another cool little thing I discovered in my mad labs here at Big Oak SEO – Richmond SEO Company.

I love the power of social media and Web 2.0 style sites, and one of my favorites has been Twitter.  Yes that little tool that makes you get your point across in only 140 characters.  However if you know how to use those 140 characters wisely it can pay off into huge dividends.

On election day, Nov 4th I was cruising around and saw that Yahoo had jumped into the Twitter arena. More importantly the folks that run the elusive Yahoo Directory. With a quick double check I confirmed it was the good folks at Yahoo and not some cyber loser and huge practical joke.

So I had nothing to lose and put my best 140 characters together and sent a Tweet to the folks at Yahoo – Directory.

The power of Web 2.0 Twitter

a simple tweet:  @yahoo_directory So you joined twitter, Check out http://www.parentinghelpme.com

Well the power of twitter and a decent website got the attention of the good folks at the Yahoo Directory and guess what…

140 characters of Twitter got me into to Yahoo Directory

Yup Today I got into Yahoo Directory from a single tweet. I didn’t even have to use all of the 140 characters twitter allows and I made it in with less than 80 characters and 3 days.  Not Bad for an Election Day Result and Global Warming hitting Richmond Virginia this Friday November 7, 2008.

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  1. Omigosh, you mean Twitter can actually have a use other than informing no one who cares what I had for lunch? By the way it was a Tamale Pie from Amy’s Organic Lunches.

  2. Brilliant use of Twitter…

    The Power of Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds.

  3. Hey Eric,

    Good tip and very inventive. THanks for the heads up and it’s great to see you got your parenting site in the Yahoo Directory.

    I’ll be doing this for my main blog at TaggZilla to test this tactic.

    Very simple but for people who don’t know about it would definitely be worth $17 ebook.

  4. nice game on the system u played. just use the correct verbiage next time please.

    Its called a tweet not a twit…………

  5. Very informative. That Apple iPhone post really helped me alot. Thanks. 😀 smile..

  6. Tweet or Twitt, whatever same thing, but I fixed it just for you “digideth”.

    I will still call a Twitt a Twitt and a Tweet something else entirely.

  7. “nice game on the system u played.”

    @digideth, I wouldn’t exactly consider asking an editor if a site could be included “gaming the system.”

  8. @WillPao call it what u want.

    @bigebiz thanks for changing it.

    to each their own…

  9. @digideth, I don’t want to harp on this too much, but it seems to me that if you ask an editor if a site can be included, and they say “yes,” then that’s a pretty upstanding way of gaining entry. The fact that you can get into Yahoo Directory without paying adds to its legitimacy. Yahoo Directory is too expensive. to begin with. If I were them, I would lower the price by $150 and see if that drives up sales. Lowering the price by that much would definitely bring them temporary buzz, and they would probably see a surge in sales…especially if they said the low price was only for a limited time.

  10. Happy to follow the advice of you oh successful one. Makes sense to me to always use the free versions of everything first. If they don’t work out, nothing lost and then spend money.