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9 Benefits of Guest Blogging for SEO [infographic]

9 Benefits of Guest Blogging for SEO [infographic]

SEO has changed, gone are the days where you could pump thousands of links at your website in a short period of time, get high rankings and roll in the cash. Today you have to earn your links through providing value. Google publicly has stated that anyone gaming the system, ‘rank improvers’ will be penalized. So how does one get high quality backlinks then? How To Earn Your Links SEOmoz made a great post on earning your links, however here are some: Create amazing content (that people naturally link to) Create viral content (that people share) Contribute high quality guest posts (which you contribute) In the infographic below we will go over some of the basic benefits that guest posting brings you. Infographic was created with the help of the team at Check out what there up too at their news page. Editor’s Note: Using infographics for guest blogging also works....

Seven “No Duh?” Tips To Know About SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It should be common knowledge these days that you cannot simply build a website and expect the success to roll in. “If you build it, they will come” does not work in the world of internet business. SEO is necessary to drive business and traffic to your website. Understanding your approach and implementing an effective SEO strategy is the foundation to your online business success. It is important to implement sound, effective, and correct SEO methods, so that search engines will be able to easily identify, categorize, and index your website. The easier it is for search engines to index your website and the more your website is seen as an authority in your industry, the better your website will rank on search engine results. The better your website ranks for keywords and search terms that are highly relevant to your business and its products and services, the more qualified traffic and potential customers will find your website. Here are seven tips to implement as a part of any sound and effective search engine optimization strategy. Keep Your Website Design Clean and Professional The coolest, loudest, and most modern website may not necessarily be the most successful. A website that is properly designed for SEO will be clean and professional. Most importantly, it will have a clear description of the website’s intent and be easy to navigate and make purchases. Budget for SEO Most experts agree that you should allocate approximately 50% of your overall website budget to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Again, you definitely want to invest in the...

Matt Cutts Answers Questions About Link Disavow Tool

With the recent release of Google’s Link Disavow tool. There’s way too much incorrect info about it being added to the Internet. In case you missed it, please read the below article, which was posted October 29, 2012. It’s a Q & A with Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts, and it’s the single most accurate and complete write up you will find. The comments at the end are also worth paying attention to. PS – Thanks to Eric Ward for this link. Oh, and if you are wondering if the Link Disavow, plus reinclusion request actually works, you can read about a successful case study at David Naylor’s site:...
Google Doodle Pays Tribute to Little Nemo

Google Doodle Pays Tribute to Little Nemo

I feel like this Google Doodle which is a tribute to the comic strip Little Nemo is their best yet. Kudos to the Google creative team for creating this wonderful illustration and animation. Here is a screen shot of the full image, after the animation, which is still beautiful. I also found a video of Little Nemo just in case you have never heard of the little guy. Click the image for a full-size...
SEO: An Effective And Inexpensive Marketing Strategy

SEO: An Effective And Inexpensive Marketing Strategy

Individuals are online today.  They’re online at home and in the office where they can easily access the internet using personal computers or laptops.  Tablets and cell phones have taken our ability to be plugged in a step further.  While away from personal computers or laptops, individuals can still connect to the internet, check email, and remain in synch with the outside world as they use tablets and cell phones.  In fact, people are so online today that many experience feelings of anxiety and frustration when they are away from their computers or mobile devices for prolonged periods of time. While on the go, a person may occasionally find himself in area where he is outside of cell phone range and that may mean he can’t access the internet on his phone.  Being cut off from the internet addiction that humankind craves can be challenging.  With so many people online at home, at work, and on the go, wouldn’t it make sense to use SEO marketing to reach potential customers? Search engine optimization is an effective and inexpensive marketing strategy employed by thousands of businesses and organizations.   It’s a powerful tool that can be used to promote a business even while the company’s marketing executives sleep.  Here are a few reasons organizations today use SEO to influence their businesses: Appropriate SEO use can reduce competition. It can increase traffic to a website, and consequently, can increase sales. Makes a website more visible. It is inexpensive marketing. Competition buster Let’s be honest.  Many internet users want to get the best search results while putting forth the least effort possible.  This...
Why Does Google Show a Different Title?

Why Does Google Show a Different Title?

Recently a client asked why their page titles were not being used in the search results by Google. For those of you who may not know exactly what a page title is, it is in your page’s source code and looks like this: <title>This is my page title</title> and is the most important piece of on-page SEO on your site. Usually site owners take time to craft a title to help their keywords rankings and/or to help attract searchers when this title is displayed in Google’s search results. Below is an image of Google’s search results for the search term “Create a Website Sitemap for SEO” and you can see our blog post for the top results with the title we chose. But sometimes Google decides to change the title they display in their search results. Why does Google change your page title? Quite simple, Google thinks it knows better, and Google probably does. Here is one explanation from a Google rep, “Often a single title might not be the best one to show for all queries for a page, so our algorithms may generate alternative titles to make it easier for our users to recognize relevant pages.” You can find more information about Google choosing a better page title here. A snippet from this page gives some more insight, “Our testing has shown that these alternative titles are generally more relevant to the query and can substantially improve the click-through rate to the result, helping both our searchers and webmasters.” So don’t fret when your title in the Google search results does not match the title on your...

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