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infographic submission sites list for 2015

Where to Post Infographics (2015) Updated [11/2015] I have updated this list, adding a few new infographic submissions sites and removing sites that are no longer active and removing a few that are no longer relevant. Hopefully this makes your time submitting infographics more efficient while yielding better results. If you have a site to add, please leave the URL and a description in the comments. We will move it onto the list after approving it. Unlike other sites that collect and share informative, visually stunning graphics, Infographics Showcase charges a fee for a guaranteed submissions. In exchange, you will get 2 lifetime links and a original written review. Their submission page includes a link to a check out page. You also get a Facebook mention and a twitter post to your blog post on Cool Infographics collects, as the name suggests, dazzling, fun, interesting and excellent information graphics. Note that it’s not a hosting website, but a sharing site. The website owner picks out images that are cool enough to make the cut. Here’s a link to the contact page where you can send your submissions. Vizual Archive showcases the latest infographics; each post includes a unique intro and is shared on their social media accounts. Submissions cost $35, but discounted packages are available to agencies and sites that publish many infographics. Sign up for a monthly plan on their plans page. Don’t let the .co fool you. This infographic site is for real. It has an excelletn SEMRush history, always rising. This is a community of people dedicated to sharing graphical information....

Taking Advantage of Infographic Appeal

The use of information graphics or infographics is gaining more and more appeal as an online communication tool.  The idea revolves around using a visual or graphic representation of data or information.  In the technology driven world we live in, businesses are looking for more and better ways of being noticed.  Because infographics utilize writing, pictures, design, and even analysis they can more easily communicate ideas that might be difficult or complex in a format that more people can connect with. Multi-media Combinations Can Simplify Communication By combining graphics with your information, you may be able to simplify the communication of your ideas to the general public.  When information is conveyed in a multitude of ways, including text, sound, pictures, moving images, and so forth it can grab one’s attention.  If items move into the viewing area from different directions it forces the viewer to pay stronger attention because they never know which direction something will come from.  In other words you are keeping your viewer engaged, which is the key to understanding. Humans Are Highly Visual High quality text content is still very critical in today’s world; however, pictures or graphics have always been an attention getter.  From the youngest age people seem to be drawn to pictures.  This is why a child’s first book is a picture book.  Adults also notice pictures and graphics more quickly than they notice words.  In fact, only about 10% of the information most people encounter on a daily basis is in textual format, with the rest being in image form.  Making your website highly appealing visually allows you to utilize the...

SEO Can Make Or Break Your Business

Nothing new in this post if you are a veteran of the SEO game and were involved in the Google wars of 2012 (namely Penguin and Panda). But if you are new to the game and wondering if SEO is a worthwhile investment of time and money, here are some things to consider. If you feel like you are ready to take the plunge and see how search optimization can help your business succeed, give us a call at, 804-741-6776 or email us at If there was one thing that could increase your profits if done correctly or that could drop your online business off the map if done wrong, wouldn’t you want to know what it is?  Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important things businesses can do to boost their online visibility.  Many people have worked with SEO, but with the Panda and Penguin updates by Google, it is more important than ever that it is done correctly.  If SEO does not meet the criteria of the search engines, your site can be penalized. Increase Traffic to Your Site One of the biggest reasons to use SEO is so that you can increase the volume of traffic that comes to your website.  You want people who type in keywords that relate to your business to see your company’s website pop up in the search results. If your site is not within the first couple of pages, most people will not keep searching to find you.  SEO is the process of improving your search engine rankings so that your company will move...
How to Create a Great How-To Article

How to Create a Great How-To Article

The Internet is fast becoming a preferred way to get information. This may help explain the proliferation of how-to articles across the web – they help satisfy a person’s curiosity and, more importantly, they often supply quick solutions for everyday problems. However, some of them are better than others. Follow these tips to create a great how-to article Pick a solution-based topic that will benefit your readers How-to articles appeal to readers, in part, because they offer useful information quickly and teach a skill. Some of the best articles isolate a part of life that burdens many people and explains easy ways to alleviate it. They are usually packed with tips that someone can apply to his or her life immediately. They offer implementable solutions, in other words. In order to create a great how-to article, you need a great idea. Pick a topic that is accessible and solution-based. Readers flock to those kinds of articles. Research well Once you have lured people in with your great topic, you need to provide good advice. Many will simply leave an article that, while based on an interesting idea, seems to be full of shoddy, under-researched information. Use the Internet and books; if the article calls for it, secure an expert opinion. Solid research will help you develop a solid article. Give your ideas time to form Not all writers have the luxury of time, but if you do, use it to your advantage. Allow ideas for your topic to bounce around your mind for a day or so after you have wrapped up most of your research. That extra time...
Comics Make Great Link Bait

Comics Make Great Link Bait

One of our clients posted a comic we created for them on their blog. While being funny and a nice 5 second distraction for your day, this comic also offers the potential for outside sites to link to them. In other words, this comic and comics in general make great link bait. You may wish to entertain this idea of comedy and SEO for your clients or maybe you already have. We would love to see other examples of comics and link building you have used or you have found being used. Add any good finds to the comments below. We did something similar when we created the first ever monthly SEO Comic a few years ago. Here is the Bad to the Bone comic from our client. (Love the comic name.) And here is the comic...

Blogging Ideas for Your Business Blog

Jill Whalen has created a fairly extensive list of topics you can include in your blog posts. We all know its a good idea to blog, but sometimes we have a hard time coming up with a topic or subject to write about. Well, here are 67 things to blog about, you only need to put your business or industry spin on it and make it relative to your site. Upcoming events: 1. Classes, seminars, conferences, webinars (and why you should attend). 2. Special events (wine tastings, 5-course dinners, open houses, etc.) 3. Introduction to new products or services. 4. Important company announcements (as long as this isn’t all you do). 5. Free stuff you’re giving away. 6. Special offers, discounts, coupons. 7. Gift ideas. Contests or other promotions: 8. Photo caption contest. 9. Holiday theme contest. 10. Product naming contest. 11. Logo design contest. 12. Send in a video contest. Tutorials, product support and how-to guides (in the form of text, videos, or infographics): 13. How to set up your products. 14. How to choose your products or services. 15. How to use your products. 16. How to fix your products. 17. How to assemble your products. 18. How to clean your products. 19. How to protect your products. 20. How to know if you need a particular product or service. 21. How to get the most out of your product or service. 22. Explain the subtle differences between your products (and/or those of your competitors). 23. Answer reader and customer questions. 24. Conference session summaries. Show your expertise: 25. Do it yourself: For example, how to create...

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