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Top 10 Best Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

Top 10 Best Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

When the internet first became popular, many counseled against shopping online because they believe it would lead to identify theft. While this was certainly true and remains true to this day, there are more ways for a person’s identity to be stolen online then simply providing credit card numbers to fraudulent sites. From time to time, there may be a security breach and hackers are able to get their hands on a list of credit card numbers, but cyber security has improved tremendously, making top consumer sites practically impenetrable. However, identity theft can still happen if a person isn’t careful. 1. Don’t use the same password on every site, especially for email. Nowadays, people use their email for everything. They receive bills and pay bills electronically and their email is the portal for everything. A person can’t sign up for anything without it leading back to their email. While email servers, such as Google and Yahoo, pay a ton of money to prevent hackers from being able to access email accounts, smaller sites do not. Smaller sites, such as forums, are easily hacked, and if individuals are using the same password on small sites as they are for the important sites, they can end up having their identity stolen. Once someone has access to an email account, they have access to everything. Think about it. How does someone request a new password if they’ve ‘forgotten’ it? It is sent to their email. 2. Read before agreeing. Often times, sites will have boxes that can be checked that prevent them from sharing personal information. Be sure to only fill out...

Virally delectable blogs: Your way to blogger hall of fame

Writing blogs is an art and you must be focused on turning out blog posts which are very interesting to read and have content to catch the attention of the reader. When you are writing a blog you should totally concentrate on that one and do not let your mind wander away to something else. Remember that if you are a good blog writer then people will be actually waiting for your next blog post. So the onus lies on you to write something that will satisfy your blog fans. You must aim to produce the best blog of your life each time you sit down to write something. This will ensure quality write ups and you will be known as an awesome blogger. What does your audience want? Everyone has a habit of reading two or more articles and reproduce the same matter in different words. No wonder, people are fed up with such time wasting blog posts. To be a successful blogger you must go the extra distance and do some extensive research. You should give information which is entirely new and the audience has never come across before. Extensive background research When you are doing background research for an article, try to include that information which prompted even you to say ‘wow’. Your readers will also appreciate if you write unique posts. Most of the posts by average bloggers do not have enough ‘wow’ material and this disappoints the readers. You need to incorporate good materials so that the readers stick with your blog posts. It is always a good idea to attach a video or...

What Does Direct Traffic Mean in Google Analytics?

Since I’ve been looking this up for my own reaons, I thought I would share my findings. Direct Traffic means of course that there’s NO referrer when the visitor came to the site. This could be because someone: typed in the URL directly in their browser used a bookmark in their browser clicked a link from an email  with a non-web-based email client (like Outlook) clicked a link in a document (PDF, Word) clicked a link from within a secure site (https://) used a mobile app (which could come from twitter, stumbleupon, email, etc.) some JavaScript redirect links may not set a referrer some corporate intranets may strip out referrers if the user has browser plug-ins to mask their referrer some banner/PPC campaigns may not pass a referrer correctly The IE browser can sometimes be problematic & not send a referrer under certain conditions   Has anyone heard of any other reasons traffic would be identified as direct traffic in Google...
Why Most SEO’s Waste Their Time

Why Most SEO’s Waste Their Time

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been. – Wayne Gretzky Blog commenting, article spinning, article directory submission, profile links: such methods are still in the search engine optimization tool box for many internet marketers because they still work here and there. What these site owners don’t want to come to terms with is the fact that their success has a very short life span. Sooner or later, Google engineers will update their algorithm and their rankings will evaporate in seconds. Rather than spending months trying to trick Google into ranking your content based on hundreds or thousands of subpar quality links, spend months on generating links that will last for decades. Realize that although those subpar quality links will get you a quick payoff in the short term, you are wasting a massive amount of your time because, sooner or later, Google will devalue those links. Even short term success isn’t guaranteed. If you’re getting traffic from high ranking keywords, inevitably you’ll have people looking at what other type of content you have on the web. If people find thousands of spun articles that link directly to your site, written in language only Jabba the Hut would understand, you can be sure that they aren’t going to buy anything associated with your site’s brand. It’s pretty obvious when a site is looking to provide useful information and when it is looking to cash in by gaming Google. Eventually, your site won’t be a visited by harmless Googler, but a Google engineer who will manually inspect your site and determine its fate...
(Insert Your Name) is a SCAM!: How to Remove Online Defamation

(Insert Your Name) is a SCAM!: How to Remove Online Defamation

How would you like it is there was a massive billboard in your city which allowed anyone with a grudge against you to anonymously post defamatory messages and get away with it 100% of the time? Believe it or not, such a billboard already exists in the form of sites such as,,,, and any online message board. Anyone, be it your competitor, a disgruntled employee, or customer with unrealistic expectations can write whatever they want on these sites. Because the aforementioned sites are powerful, these defamatory comments have a good chance of ranking for your name when you search for it. Let’s assume the worst and that sites such as and are ranking for your name. Although your first instinct may be to send a cease and detest order, the website itself, is protected by the Communications Decency Act of 1996. Trying to sue the poster is possible. However, suing the author for libel may be a very long and expensive battle ending up nowhere, though one which should be considered if you have the resources. If you can prove that published libel caused you significant harm you can go ahead and sue the person. Assuming changing your personal or business name is not possible, what else can you do? Put out as much material online as possible, which features your name. The more of it you have, the less chance that sites such as will show up for your name. This material can be in the form of articles, blogs, websites, social media profiles, and videos that have your name in...

5 Secret Search Engines Way Better Than Google

Google has become such an ingrained part of our society that people simply say, “I Googled it.” The search engine counts millions of internet users among its loyal followers, often making it seem as if no other search engine is even relevant anymore. But, in actuality, Google has some stiff competition, and if you’re willing to look, you’re going to find numerous websites that are actually even better than Google, including: DuckDuckGo Google’s in for some stiff competition when DuckDuckGo, now still a relatively secret search engine, spreads to the masses. Perhaps the biggest benefit of DuckDuckGo is it doesn’t collect nor does it share your personal information like Google does. In addition, DuckDuckGo doesn’t make users scroll through dozens of pages to find an answer. Let’s say you want to find out when the 2012 Presidential Election will be held. DuckDuckGo will return the answer at the top of your search page. Web users also enjoy the Web of Trust, which allows them to determine which sites are safe enough to visit, and pointless pages thrown up just to make revenue but without any real content never appear in search results. Blekko Blekko is a dream come true for those web users fed up with spam and being taken to pages from content farms and promises spam-free results. If a website’s content does not live up to Blekko’s strict requirements for quality, it isn’t included in the search results, quite a difference from Google. Users can also use the settings to ensure theirs searches are related to specific topics, such as news or the date content was published....

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