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Written by Shell Harris on January 13, 2014 – 9:33 am -

I was fortunate enough to be asked for an interview by I assume this was either due to some clerical error or possibly some under the table bribery I knew nothing about. In any case, if you care to read my thoughts about online marketing then you can click here to do so.

Here are some snippets in case you want to decide if clicking the link is really worth your while.

What do I think about the future of SEO?

The future at this point for SEO is to move forward with a light touch. Don’t do SEO, but market your business like the search engines aren’t there. Of course, quality content and great product/service are the heart of any good online campaign, but link building is still important. But the links you build should meet one of two criteria: The link should prove you are in the industry you are or you are located where you say you are. Meaning, links should support the idea of what your company does. If you sell dog treats, you should connecting with sites about dogs. If your offices are in Richmond, Va., then you should have links from local sites. Search engines pick up on these clues– industry and location.

What are the smartest things a company can do to help boost its web performance and rankings?

Make sure every page on your site has an HTML title that explains what is on the page. Make your titles descriptive.

Blog, blog, blog — but blog about relative topics. If you sell dog treats, write about what treats are healthiest. Think like a dog owner might think when searching for dog treats and write about that and then link to your healthiest dog treats in that post.

You can also find out a bit of history about myself and my company.

Shell Harris,
Co-Founder of Big Oak Studios, Inc.


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