Ranked Hard, SEO Comic – June 2008

Our latest SEO Comic, Ranked Hard, deals with the delicate subject matter of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Read “The Real Reason Your Site Dropped in Google” and leave your thoughts about this tricky issue in the comments area.

And for all the conspiracy theorist out there let me make a statement, saying definitively, that we do not believe Google changes the ranking’s of any web site based on whether or not you use Google’s Adwords.


  1. I believe they do use Adwords as part of the organic rankings alogirithm. I work for a site that uses Adwords extensively, the site owner handles that while I do the organic search work. He recently had surgury and scaled the Adwords back 90% while he did. We dropped from #2 to the second page overnight! Once he got back and started the ads again, we got back to the first page but only #4. How else can you explain this?

  2. Could you please tell me more about the connection between adwords usage and ranking?
    I’ve got some strange issue with my site…
    My site has been in top-5 for months. Two weeks ago it got pr4, and a week ago it has gone away from top-100! I haven’t made any significant changes on my site for the last two months, only added 1 external link.

  3. haha i bet that cartoon is how it works too… at least some of the time 😮