SEO as an Acronym

Every now and then someone will ask what I do for a living and I’ll say I am the President of an SEO company. After a moment of confusion the inevitable question is, “What does SEO stand for?” Of course we know it is Search Engine Optimization, but that got me thinking, (much like my SEO Haiku) what else could it stand for, relating to search optimization?

So I have some other options for those of us in the SEO industry who may want something more interesting when asked what does SEO stand for? In no particular order here are some ideas for the SEO acronym. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

  • SEO = Stress Equals Opportunity
  • SEO = Searching Everything Online
  • SEO = Sweet Exposure Online
  • SEO = Seizing Every Opportunity
  • SEO = Some Extra (marketing) Offense
  • SEO= Supplied Energy Online
  • SEO = Successful at Everything Obviously

Nice for a momentary diversion, not much help for our clients, so back to work…


  1. Marios,

    I love Search Engine Overlord, thanks for the addition. I can add this term to a few SEO Specialists I know of too: Sorry Egotistical Optimizer

  2. How about Selling Effectively Online

  3. Selling Effectively Online is very good. I’m disappointed I didn’t come up with that myself. Thanks for the contribution.