SEO Celebs Lampooned in Comic

This month’s Ranked Hard Comic, SEO Squares, launched on September 8th, 2008, a day that will live in comic infamy.  The comic satirizes famous SEOs by plopping them into a game show reminiscent of Hollywood Squares.  Ah, Hollywood Squares.  The show Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t leave because she was locked into a one million year contract.

You can check out the comic here

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If you have a concept for a  SEO comic you’d like to see us create, write it out and then send it to us at contact [at] bigoakinc [dot] com.  Please try to keep the comic within 5 to 6 frames.  We’ll have our illustrator draw it and give you full credit.

So if you have a comic idea you’d like to send to us, don’t hesitate to shoot us a line.  Now onto a more pressing matter.  A few people have inquired about advertising on  We’ve thought about putting ads on the sidebar and possibly even allowing ads to appear in the comic itself.  How do you feel about this?

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  1. I’m not a big fan of selling ads inside the comics themselves. I feel like product placements cheapen everything involved, from the product to the medium it is shown through. If you do end up going this route, which might be a smart business decision, you’ll have to walk the product placement line very carefully. Don’t push the products very hard at all, but find a way to keep them from being so subtle that nobody notices it.

    Advertising is the backbone of the internet so it has become more than understandable to run banners and/or text ads on your site, but taking the step to integrating ads into your actual product (content) seems like the advertising is being taken too far.

    Just my 2c :)