SEO in the Snow Feb 2010

Posted on February 10, 2010 · Posted in Out on a Limb

SEO in the Snow Feb 2010

For the past several weeks, Richmond Va has been pelted with unusual amounts of snowfall. Unfortunately today was more of the same.

Working in the Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing Business however does afford us the luxury to not drive to the office.  We work mind you, because the work of an SEO is never done. We have our lap tops, we have our projects, we have our wireless connections and with luck we have power.

While the image above shows what I (we) woke up to this morning, I can still be productive with my handy laptop, Web Email and Instant messaging program.  All of us at Big Oak are working today, just not at the Big Oak Corporate Offices.

While the 6 Richmond Virginia SEO’s all contemplated the morning commute or not to commute question, our New York SEO, who works out of her home office, added this diddy:

“It is a sheet of ice from my bedroom to my computer. It took me easily
45 minutes just to dig out the hallway. I couldn’t even find any
neighborhood kids to help me shovel. And worse yet, I don’t know where
my car is! This truly is the end of the world.”

The luxury of working with a Professional SEO is that their experience, their dedication, an their abilities are not tied to an office environment. This past summer, in the Dominican Republic ( pictured below) I actually had an online connection and was able to provide some SEO services.

Now if we can just get the Boss to move the corporate offices!

So for reading this far, here is your SEO Tip for Today:

Make sure you have Google Webmaster Tools associated with your websites.  When you log into webmaster tools, not only check your sitemap, crawl stats, and found links, but check out the new Speed Test.  Google has provided through webmaster tools a nice comprehensive overview of what is slowing down your website as well as suggestions how to fix it.

In 2010 Search Engines and Google Caffeine are going to be taking SPEED as a factor in how your website can be indexed, cached, and displayed in the Search Engine Results.