Should I use Adwords with my SEO campaign?

SEO Question: I am already ranking well for my targeted keyword phrase in Google, so should I also start using Google Adwords so I have the the top Adword ranking and the top organic ranking?

SEO Answer: This is a question we get a lot and the answer is always the same. If the ROI is worth it, then do it. If you are making more money by using Adwords with an SEO campaign then it makes sense. Running Adwords will not affect you SEO work postiviely or negatively so do not let that be a factor in whether you do it or not.

In fact, using Adwords while your SEO campaign builds is even a better idea. Also using it to test some keywords is a great use for Adwords. After all, you don’t want to rank for keywords that won’t convert into sales or clients. Adwords can test this for you rather inexpensively. Remember to watch your Adwords CTR and set up a conversion testing method.

One concern I can offer is to watch your sales and make sure you aren’t stealing from yourself. Obviously both methods, Adwords and SEO, will bring traffic an sales but if too many sales are coming from Adwords that would naturally be coming from SEO you may be shrinking your profit margin. Test this by dropping your ad for a time and watching your sales. Do they remain consistent? Ditch the ad. Do they drop? Put the ad back up.

In the end the decision to continue your Adword’s campaign should be based on actual traffic data.

Below screen shot from our client’s children’s toy store, showing an example of an organic and Adwords/PPC rankings. Find out more about our PPC Campaign Management.



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  1. This is a question that I get from clients ALL the time, and one that I actually love to answer. I’ve written on this topic fairly extensively, and through all of my primary and secondary research, I’ve found that it is almost ALWAYS a good idea to bid on terms you are ranked #1 for organically.

    Generally this advice comes for a company’s brand terms, but it can apply to other high-traffic terms as well. Without going into too much detail, there are 3 main reasons buying your brand keywords are a good idea:

    1)Many people will always click the paid search results first. People who don’t know the difference between organic and paid search results click what is on top, and thus you are losing traffic if you do not own one of those spots.

    2) You own more of the screen. Search engine screen real-estate is in high demand, and you can only do so much to increase your visible space organically. Once you get into the paid search rankings, you can as much as double your on-screen real estate.

    3) Complimentary to #2, by getting into the paid search space, you are forcing your competitors out. Don’t let the competition steal your hard-earned money! Every spot in the organic and paid rankings you own is one that your competition doesn’t. Always keep this in mind.

    There is a much longer discussion about this that can be had, but these are the 3 main points I always like to bring up. Make sure to keep these in mind if this question ever comes up.

  2. thanks for this info!!! great article with good analysis. ROI itself sure doesnt tell us much.

  3. My results are different. We have been using adwords for a long time now and eperience has shown us that our organic leads suffer considerably when we use adwords.

    for instance:
    -we used a word “A” with adwords. we had the number one organic spot for this word and decide we wanted to do adwords. We went from 30 leads per day to 150 leads per day. This would be good you say, but the catch is that of those 150 a 140 where paid “leads”. So instead of gaining 120 I think we lost 20.
    I understand that we still have more leads then we used to but I could have kept my 30 leads and put the ads towards other words for which I didn’t score that high organically.


  4. Nice info. Over cloaking will also be a factor to be considered..

  5. The best thing to do would be to track everything but for most people that won´t be realistic. You could use for this and see wich keywords do convert.

  6. To answer of this question “Should I use Adwords with my SEO campaign?” I should say definitely. Because SEO is almost assential and get quicker result using Adwords and it is almost booming up any SEO campaign result…Thanks for the nice tips