Sitemaps for Websites are Automatic

Written on April 25, 2007 – 7:57 am | by bigoak |

As of April 11th there is no longer a need to manually submit your sitemap to search engines. Last fall, the major search engines (Google, Yahoo! and MSN) agreed on a sitemaps format. You can now add a simple line to your robots.txt file and let the engines know where your sitemap file resides.

Include the following line in your robots.txt file:

Robots.txt has been used to instruct the search engines how to crawl your site – where not to go on your site. This latest sitemaps implementation of robots.txt will now tell the spiders where to go when indexing your site..

Sitemaps are important, especially for new sites, will help improve your website visibility in search results.

What is a xml sitemap?

  1. 3 Responses to “Sitemaps for Websites are Automatic”

  2. By Everyday Weekender on Apr 28, 2007 | Reply

    I always heard that the site map wasn’t the best thing because if it was out of date – then your site would suffer.. The fear of it being out of date comes from comments I’ve read around the web regarding the automatic sitemap generators for wordpress. Any thoughts?

  3. By Shell Harris on Apr 29, 2007 | Reply

    Sitemaps are what you make of them. If you keep it up to date then so much the better and your newer pages may be updated quicker and your entire site may be updated more frequently.

    If you upload your initial sitemap and then never update it again you won’t be penalized if you add more pages to your site. The search engines want help or guidance from you in the form of a sitemap, but the SEs will inevitably base your index of pages on their spider crawl. Don’t put to much thought into this, just be aware it is another tool, one of many at your disposal. And that this tool requires so little effort it seems a wasted opportunity not to create a sitemap.

  4. By Voluntary Death on May 1, 2007 | Reply

    all you have to do is update your blog or site so that the sitemap will be updated too. However, if your site doesn’t update your sitemap (like wordpress) you have to do that manually.

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