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Written on August 28, 2008 – 10:48 am | by bigoak |

Okay, I fully admit I got this from Search Engine Journal. It was written by Loren Baker, Editor. So be sure to read the original list there with full content. Thank you, Loren.

I put the list I here so I would always know where to find it, since it is our company blog. I did abbreviate the content and I plan on adding more. I hope if any readers find better blog directories, that are particularly excellent,  they will  add them by commenting below. If they are really good I’ll add them to this list officially.

  1. Best of the Web Blog Search La Crem de la Crem, Best of the Web’s Blog Directory is very selective and only lists aged and valuable blogs.
  2. EatonWeb Blog Directory is a real jewel with many aged inbound links and a blog rating system.
  3. Blog Hub offers a drop down category and member blog list.
  4. Upon visiting Bloggernity, you find a crisp, clean, and easy to navigate site.
  5. Blogarama has an impressive listing of over 65,000 blogs.
  6. Blog Search Engine is owned by Performancing’s parent company and serves search results powered by IceRocket.
  7. Blog Catalog features a vast directory of categories, from academic to writing, while offering the ability to search by country, language, or user.
  8. Globe of Blogs has too many features to list. In order to be listed on the site, the blog must not be commercial.
  9. Blog Universe is the perfect place to promote your video or podcast themed blog.
  10. Bigger Blogs is a relatively new blog directory with only a few blogs registered. The blog is intertwined with a business directory.
  11. Bloggeries has the best categories and subcategories home page on the internet
  12. Bloggapedia has an interesting and eye catching homepage.
  13. Spillbean is a well-designed blog directory site with categories such as health, society, internet, and personal.
  14. Blogging Fusion is a blog with over sixty categories.
  15. Blogflux is not only a tool for bloggers, but a directory that has the listings in alphabetic order.
  16. Bloglisting are fun, colourful, and catch the attention of the reader.
  17. Blogio may be a small blog directory with few listings, but it worthy of a submission.
  18. Blog Explosion claims to be the largest blog promoter on the internet.
  19. Super Blog Directory is a great site that offers tools to posters that others do not.
  1. 9 Responses to “The Best Blog Directories”

  2. By Blog Traffic on Aug 28, 2008 | Reply

    This is a good list to start with.

    You should submit to 3-5 blog directories PER DAY.

    For a WEEKLY UPDATED list of blog directories and RSS submission sites visit my blog at:

    List of Blog Directories

    There are now 280 entries on the list.

    Best of success,

    Robert A. Kearse

  3. By Ryan on Aug 30, 2008 | Reply


    This almost feels like a stupid question, but what is so great or advantageous about submitting your blog to these directories. Is it really worth the fee that most of them charge?

  4. By Shell Harris on Aug 30, 2008 | Reply

    Hi, Ryan. It has been a while.

    Not a stupid question, but certainly a relative one. I would submit to all the free directories first and then watch the traffic. I am not certain how much traffic any of these directories will drive. Our first loyalty is to the search engine rankings so we like to measure the imoportance of a submission based on rankings for search terms.

    It will be up to you to decide how the return on the investment. Is the cost worth the submission? If it increases your ranking for an important term and that increases your traffic from organic search, then yes. If you don’t see additional traffic and money, then maybe not.

  5. By britney on Sep 1, 2008 | Reply

    I agree that these are some of the best blog directories for sure. Yes one should submit maximum five blog directories per day. I am impressed by the list.

  6. By div^ on Sep 1, 2008 | Reply

    As shell harris said, it is more important for the search engine ranking. Out of my experience there isn´t much traffic coming along from those directories at all.


  7. By Freshlinkmedia on Sep 4, 2008 | Reply

    hi nice post….

    would you like to try freshlinkmedia…. it’s a free directory to, no repricoal….

  8. By Justin on Oct 27, 2008 | Reply

    I submitted one of my blogs to many of these directories. I did pay the $50 for BOTW and got rejected though and had to submit another secondary blog, but that was partly my fault for not keeping the blog current or having enough unique content. :-)

  9. By alexander-social media guy on Nov 11, 2008 | Reply


    Thanks for the email assistance on getting my icon image to be transparent.

    As a newbie in photoshop (I know how to resize images) it was a big help.

    Got the submission to go through to Apple. Now fingers crossed so they accept.

    Thanks for the article and extra assistance!


  10. By blogbal on Jun 30, 2009 | Reply

    Great blog, here’s another blog directory you can add to your list:

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