The Real Time Web Is For Everybody

Many internet users believe that the real time web isn’t available to them. If you don’t update on Twitter, post pictures on Facebook, network on LinedIn – people think that they aren’t able to learn and benefit from the real time web. This is not the case – and tons of startups and new websites have launched which require no login, membership, or passwords to access. Below, are examples of how to benefit from these services, right now:

Anyone can search the real time web. You can visit Twitter and instantly perform a search to see what people are saying about a specific page. To learn more about the types of searches that the real time web works best with, this search tips page offers several categories for which to search from. All in all, the best part about a real time search is that its instant. Plus, each day it changes, so a search today will offer different comments and thoughts than a search for the same keyword 3 weeks from now.

If you want to see the hottest trends, head over to What The Trend which will summarize each of the hot topics on the web right now. In a format that can be compared to WikiPedia – the site allows any user to provide feedback as to why a particular topic is trending right now. Every day, something new is a hot trend on the real time web, and anyway can track them at What The Trend or a variety of other sources.

When people share links on the real time web, it is often about topics that are hot right now. Through compiling all of the links shared on the real time web, you are able to see which lends are the most important for a given topic right now. When you perform a real time search at Sency- you will see a tab for today’s most popular links. This will show you the most popular links right now for the keyword you searched for. If you check back a few days later, for that same keyword, new links will probably show up. SO, you can take advantage of the real time web to instantly see what links people are talking about, today, for the subject matter that is of interest to you.

So, familiarize yourself with these tools today, and you will find them becoming useful in your day to day internet browsing.

Evan Britton – Founder, Sency

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  1. The Real-time Web is certainly an exciting prospect, especially for tracking buzz and trends around a particular brand or product. I think this and social media in general will really redefine the way we use the Web.

  2. In this upcoming year anyone can search the real time web. Several search engines have launched to help you learn what people are saying right now in regards to any search term.

  3. Anyone can search the real time web. Several search engines have launched to help you learn what people are saying right now in regards to any search term.

  4. I used a real time web a few times- just wanted to check how its working-and, what I can say about it- its not useful right now- maybe later- when they gonna upgrade it- but now- showing some results which are relevant for my search

  5. Its hard to determine Globally, you can do it for a specific region only.

  6. I used a real time and I like it. I can view the current status and updates.


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