Top 5 Reasons to Comment on Blogs

By now, I’m sure you know the importance of creating fresh, quality content on your site. One of the ways you probably do this is through a blog. These days everyone has a blog, and why not? It’s an easy way to get articles syndicated and ensures you have fresh content on your site, along with many other benefits.

However, in this world of Web 2.0, just having a blog isn’t enough. You need to get out there and take part in your online community. You need to comment on other people’s blogs.

Don’t know why? Well, you’re in luck, because here are the top five reasons to comment on other people’s blogs.

Top 5 Reasons to Comment on Blogs: Get Known in the Community

The goal of SEO is getting your site to rank, which happens when the search engines view you as an authority on a subject. Before the search engines can view you as an authority, people need to view you as such. One of the easiest ways to make this happen is by leaving good, meaningful comments on other people’s blogs.

Think about it like this: No matter how good your content is, if the search engines don’t know about it and people don’t know about it, then you’re just writing for yourself. You need to go to the people. Go to a blog that has a large readership and start leaving good comments. This will introduce you to a large readership.

I promise, when you give beneficial comments, people will respond. The owners of the site will get to know you because of your comments, and users will come to enjoy how useful they are. This successfully accomplishes your first task — having the people regard you as an authority on a subject.

Top 5 Reasons to Comment on Blogs: Get Traffic to Your Site

Once people view you as an authority, they will click on your name to inspect your website. (You do put your website in when you comment right? I’m not talking about in the text itself, but associated with your name — you don’t want to look spammy!)

Most blogs have nofollow tags automatically turned on, so the search engine spiders won’t find their way to your site, but that doesn’t stop the people from clicking on the link. Then, once you get people on your site, they’ll see that you really are an authority.

Now you’ve gone from leaving good comments on other people’s blogs, to having their readership checking out your blog — all because you left a comment or three!

Top 5 Reasons to Comment on Blogs: Get Backlinks

While most blogs have nofollow tags on, not all do, so you’ll get some in-bound links right there. However, if you’re only hoping for backlinks from the comments, you’re thinking too small! When webmasters see that you keep leaving good, solid comments, they will check out your site.

After they’ve inspected your site, if they’ve decided they think you’re a solid enough resource, then they might just write a post about you! This will then get you a solid in-bound link that their readership will click on and that the search engine spiders will follow.

And remember those people who were already checking out your blog because of the good comments you left? Yup, they might already be linking to your site. Seriously, get out there and comment already.

Top 5 Reasons to Comment on Blogs: Get New Ideas for Your Blog

When you comment, other people will comment not only on the post, but they can also comment on your comment. This opens up the dialogue to you. It might even spark an idea that you didn’t even realize or consider — an idea for a blog post of your own!

This is why it’s so important for you to take part in your online community! Readership is one of the most valuable aspects of commenting on blogs. Everyone who is commenting has similar interests, but they have different perspectives. And those different perspectives will help your own blogging!

Top 5 Reasons to Comment on Blogs: Get New Subscribers

That’s right, when you comment on other people’s blogs, you might just get new subscribers to your own blog. Think about all of the other reasons to comment. You’ll get known in the community, you’ll get traffic to your site, you’ll get backlinks and you’ll get new ideas for your blog. Put that all together and what do you get?

A stronger better blog for you! And with a stronger, better blog, more people will be interested in what you have to say. When they’re that interested, they’ll subscribe to your blog, which is exactly how this whole online community thing works! The best information is rewarded by other people finding it, and when more people find it, the search engines take notice — and when the search engines take notice? You guessed it, then you’re going to start ranking higher.

Now get out there and start commenting!


  1. Excellent point, Kyle. I normally leave comments for one of two reasons. The first, I have something valuable to add to the conversation or secondly, I’m really looking to grow a relationship with a blogger or other commenters. Commenting is a great way to raise your awareness with other people before making an actual contact.

  2. One important reason I comment, while hinted at here, is pretty much left off. That is, the reason I comment on most blogs is to build actual relationships within the SEO community. I know the first point mentions this as a means to gain attention from other bloggers, but I don’t mean it as a form of self promotion.

    Commenting has helped me build relationships with other bloggers in the SEO community that have helped me gain a lot more than market share and backlinks. I have made actual friends and supporters, increased my number of Twitter followers, and even made business deals through people I have grown to know simply through commenting on blogs.

    As much as I love building links and driving traffic, I think my career has gained more from the personal connections I’ve made than anything else.

  3. “Before the search engines can view you as an authority, people need to view you as such. ” Agreed, but perhaps an explanation….what the search engines are trying to do is to simulate human preferences, so that they can deliver the results that each searcher would deliver if they had all the data and could sort through it (but delegate the search engine to do it for them). So if people see you as an authority, the natural conclusion is that the search engines would too (except for all the SEOing that gums up that perfect equation, of course). So being an authority is a great part of being recognized as one by the search engines.

  4. You’ve actually put those reasons in the right light! Almost all the other reasons will fall into one of those 5 points.

  5. Excellent points.What do you think about using deep linking in blog posts? If you have written a post on your own blog that is relevant to this, point back to it.It is easier for the search engines to crawl your blog and it makes for good reading for others.

  6. I like the approach you have taken in this article. The marketing aspects of commenting are so beneficial despite the no follow fanaticism that worries link builders. This served as a good reminder to me since I often don’t make time for this.

  7. I agree with your assessments. I’m just starting out with my blog and am trying to get people to read it, whether they like it or not.

    I seriously need to start commenting on other people’s blogs – Such as right now. :)

    Best wishes,

  8. For non English speaking bloggers, commenting also sharpen their writing ability in creating creative posts and avoid using too common words/cliches.

  9. This has to be THE most intelligent and lucid article I have seen on the subject. Congratulations. You have confirmed that I am not wasting my time in the endless search for places to lay my eggs.


  10. Your article is a perfect reminder of the daily tasks necessary to drive the on-line community. By getting involved, leaving irrelevant comments and participating in the on-line community you will meet your objective (obtaining readership) as well as contributing to the conversation.

    Great article!


  11. I think commenting is also a way to tell the owner of the blog you appreciate that they took the time to write that particular article. If I was writing articles all day and no one ever responded I’d never get that every so precious pat on the back!

  12. All your practical reasons are excellent. I can use all the advice I can get – free. But sometimes I just comment cause it’s fun. I write SEO but am not sure I fully understand. How about a little SEO for uninitiated (I hate to use the word dummy about ME.

  13. Appreciate it. :)

  14. I good place to find websites to comment on is I have been using it to try to promote my website (it’s unrelated, so I won’t post it).

  15. And is also the main reason for that comment is to participate and that our opinion is considered by the entire audience

  16. Thanks, good logic and reasonable explanation.
    But it will work if other bloggers doing the same, regretfully great part of them awaiting comments only and do not revert.

  17. What do you think about Forums? Do they have the same value?