Twitter can be Profitable on Ebay

A very resourceful gentleman by the name of Andrew Baron put his Twitter account on ebay. This account has 1,400 followers who have also been put on the auction block whether they like it or not. You can see the auction on eBay. It was up to $1,550 when I took this screen shot, with 7 days to go. Amazing!

Ebay auction for Twitter Account

Why is he sellng his account? From his own words:

I really love my Twitter account but I feel like I haven’t been using it the way I want to. Quite honestly, I feel sorry for all of my followers because they wind up with my tweets in their timelines and I haven’t been able to utilize the medium the way I want to. I also participate in another Twitter account over on Rocketboom so I’m thinking I’ll post more over there and start up a new account to do what I want to do next.

So I guess Twitter does have monetary value and you can throw your “twits” under than bus when you sell it. I would personally be a little upset if I was following him, but you have to appreciate the genius of this auction. What is your Twitter account worth?

If anyone has a twitter account they think I might like to follow please submit it in a comment. I’m still not sold on its value.


  1. Leave it to eBay if you want to find examples of people over-paying for something. I remember when I came across someone who had successfully sold Open Office on eBay for over $50. That was when I realized that you can overprice practically anything on Ebay and still find someone to buy it.

    People sell Myspace and other social networking accounts, so I guess a Twitter account sale was inevitable.

  2. Well it looks like he pulled the auction. Was most likely just doing it for the exposure.

    Anyone want to buy my account? I have lots of good sites saved to it.

    Do I hear $10?

  3. I guess it all depends on who is in your influence under your accounts. Kind of like getting a celebs old phone number. If you get Paris Hilton’s old mobile number then you have something worth money. If you get mine, you’ll realize how mundane a life can really be. 😉

  4. Everything is for sale these days on the internet but this is so lame. What’s next?

  5. @Chip, $10 here!

  6. i think, now days we can sell anything on internet.

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