Twitter Can Be Useful

I must admit that I go back and forth on how useful twitter can be. For the last few weeks I have hardly twitted and have read even less tweets than I have written. We created a comic (Jason Calacanis -SEO Has No Future) and that spurred a huge traffic spike in our site’s stas. I knew we were featured on the home page of so my natural assumption was that our traffic came from Jason’s popular home page.

Looking into our stats I discovered that a small amount of traffic did come from his site, but the overwhelming amount of traffic came from twitter pages. A few seconds of research and I found that Jason Calacanis had twitted about the comic. That twit, directly and indirectly, was providing most of traffic. Amazing, twitter can be useful…if the right people are doing the twittering.

Of course it does help when a lightning rod such as Jason Calacanis (He has over 32,000 followers) is doing the twittering. Feel free to follow me on twitter; I promise not to tell you what I had for lunch.


  1. Consider yourself followed :)

    I am also on the fence about Twitter. I haven’t invested a huge amount of time figuring out how to leverage it effectively, but I do like having the ability to ask questions (mostly about SEO stuff) and have my followers ping me back with their answers/opinions.

  2. Kyle, If I did get any useful feedback I would find it more useful myself.

    I have 83 (July 3, 2008) followers on Twitter and usually don’t get more than 1 or 2 replies. I’ll try a test and see what the response level is to a real SEO question. Feel free to answer since you are following me.

  3. This might seem obvious to you, but for a long time I never really checked the “replies” tab. A lot of replies that came from people I was not following slipped through the cracks.

    Not to say I get a ton of replies to my questions, but there are a few folks in the SEO world I have connected with over Twitter that do help me out quite a bit.

  4. Interesting point on if you can get someone else important to promote for you. Have seen this is so many things you just need that first important person to pick it up and start throwing it around and there you are. Always remember the milliondollarhomepage idea, picked up a few press releases in the right place and there you are a million dollars.

  5. Twitter drives traffic to your site. More people will visit your site with the help of twitter. It’s simply useful!

  6. I’m not a Twitter scientist, but I think the technical term is “Tweet,” not “Twit.” You don’t want to be burned at the Twitter stake. It’s funny that Twitter’s downtime is so out of control that it’s spurned the creation of sites like this:

  7. Thanks, Will. I made the necessary correction. 😉

    My experiment by asking two questions in twitter was a failure. Only one question was answered and one of the answers was by Kyle (see above). One foot is out of the twitter house, at least as a business tool.

  8. When I first signed up for Twitter I hardly ever use it. Now its so addicting I keep logging in every hour.

  9. The value of twitter is how you use it for your own business model.

    Schools of thought:
    1) Keeping like minded individuals connected on topics of their industry. @mattcutts at times tweets about interesting SEO related material.

    2) Social and popularity game.

    3) Cross promoting a twitter account with other social venues can create a High link value on your tweet links. Additional Twitter Apps make for useful Link creation.

    4) Market research – using twitter tools or apps you can Search by keyword Niche terms and see what is on the pulse of the people minds.

    I use twitter for all 4 of the examples above. I share information, get quick answers to problems I might have, socialize, promote, research and as a creative outlet.

    At times I tweet a problem and have a solution faster than I can Google search a solution. Powerful when used correctly. Waste of time about what you had for lunch. Can be dangerous to your reputation if applied as a psychoanalytical evaluation :)

    So don’t follow me @bigebiz

  10. yeah twitter is very very nice and easy, make me and my friends keep contact and share our idea.

    I just dislike when twitter said :
    “Twitter is over capacity.
    Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.” why they not upgrade their resource?

  11. I visited and read your “Twitter Can Be Useful”
    post today because of thefluffanutta Twitter Tweet…

    thefluffanutta Are you afraid to link to other sites? don’t be! – link out and reap the rewards about 7 hours ago from Tweetburner

    Why did I click and come? Well I want to learn “how to” link to the right sites. It sound like my visit would benefit me and my seo knowledge base. My visit has benefited me. Hopefully, I can add something of value to the “Twitter Can Be Useful” conversation.

    Kyle, I agree with you if the right people are doing the twittering… and referring you, your site or your product it can have an impact on your traffic. It’s up to the person to offer quality information to their guests visitors to keep them coming back.

    I am also learning it’s about developing an effective twitter writing style to get people’s attention on Twitter to take notice to WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY.

    Twitter is the art of writing short influential tweets so people will listen and engaging people in meaningful conversations.

    I think alot of people are not getting twitter because it’s about the soft sell.

    Example: Soft sell recommendation

    Twitter asks… What are you doing?

    Checking out (an ebook, new product etc.) @ Give URL. Great Resource. Excellent Information. Good Value. I like it.

    Example: Hard sell recommendation

    Hurry Go Check This Out NOW! Visit @Give URL BUY This Now!

    See the difference?

  12. I am not sur if such a traffic can be usefull. People only came to your site because of twitter and not really because of the content, didn´t they?