While doing research for our SEO clients we come across a variety of intersting and unique sites. This is one such site, particularly for the domain name: http://www.modestapparelchristianclothinglydiaofpurpledressescustomsewing.com/. Now that is one long url (64 characters) and certainly one of the longest I’ve come across.

I then found this self-proclaimed site with the longest url along with a letter from Guiness World Records.

really long domain name

In today’s internet world where brevity and catchy domain names are the rule it is odd and a amusing diversion to see asite such as Lydia of Purple.

I do find it humorous that the site states the following: “Be sure to bookmark our site or place it in your favorites for future easy reference. If all else fails just remember to search for ‘Lydia of Purple'”.