What is RSS – RSS in Plain English

Before you begin watching this video on RSS, I have to give a HUGE recommendation to the company that produced this remarkable piece of work, Common Craft. They have created some very creative and helpful videos to help people understand a variety of technologies and ideas, such as RSS. They say it best themselves:

We use a simple format and real-world stories to make sense of complex ideas.

We’re interpreters. We present your products and services in plain English using short, unique and understandable videos in a format we call Paperworks.

They have many more videos for you to see and I wish them the best and hope they succeed. The idea is wonderful and the delivery is even better. The Internet needs more companies like them.


  1. This is better than those UPS commercials with the diagrams.

  2. I enjoyed this video and used to add another interesting blog in my feed reader :)

  3. So basically you don’t need to check every blog every day for new posts. You just check in the feeder the new posts and save time?
    Now is cristal for me how RSS works.