What Makes a Good SEO Client


What Makes a Good SEO Client?

This is the flip side of the question many clients have to answer, “What makes a good SEO company to do business with?”, however; successful implementation of any SEO strategy is based on a partnership between SEO Company and client.  Not only do you need a good SEO consultant but also a good SEO client, so what qualities should you see in such a good SEO client?

Trust in the SEO Company and their SEO Advice

Clients who have embarked on an ecommerce strategy have already recognized the potential of the web for their business.  There is much that is different from the real world, however some basic precepts are the same no matter who you are or what you are doing.  Trust is one of them, and after selecting an SEO partner the client must be able to trust what the SEO practitioner is advising and helping the client to implement for their web strategy.

Availability and Responsiveness

A good SEO client is responsive to requests and performs their part in maintaining good lines of open communication, not only between the principal or senior management, but also the webmaster or whoever is responsible for implementing content and coding changes on the website.

Being available by email or telephone is symptomatic of a good partnership, which is essential when changes need to be made quickly to react to the web developments and search engine algorithm changes.

Questioning and Understanding

A good SEO client values the experience and expertise a good SEO practitioner brings to the business mix, however it is important the client is able to understand what is happening.  This means asking questions and seeking clarification of the SEO strategies being propounded and implemented.  The adage that the only stupid question is the one that doesn’t get asked certainly applies here!

The SEO Partnership

Developing and implementing a successful SEO strategy requires that a good partnership develops between client and practitioner.  The client understands their business and the business environment they operate in far better than the SEO practitioner will do, and the SEO strategy needs to be closely tailored to suit the client’s business.  Strong interaction between client and practitioner is needed, especially when it comes to developing and adding content, ensuring relevant updates and information is provided and who to seek links from.


The advice people tend to follow most is the advice that they pay for!  The same is true for SEO, and SEO consultants rely on a steady stream of happy clients paying their bills.  This may seem like an obvious statement, but a good SEO client is one who understands what they are buying and is happy to write the check for the SEO Company’s invoice each month.

SEO is a Reiterative Process: Look at the Results

SEO is a process rather than a project: it requires a continuous review of the results to see what the impact of SEO strategies is, but also a thorough analysis of how the results are achieved.  It is not simply the rankings which need to be reviewed and monitored, but where the traffic is coming from, user behavior when on the site, monitoring site navigation and engaging in relevant site testing in order to understand what is working well in persuading a visitor to convert to a paying customer.

What makes a good SEO client is a client who appreciates the holistic nature of SEO work and the skills and experience of the practitioner.  A good SEO client will contribute enormously to the success of the web strategies advised by the SEO practitioner, in fact, it is unlikely there will be much success without a good SEO client.


  1. A good client is a client that pays the bills, haha.
    No I think that trust and patient from the SEO client is the most important thing to succeed.

  2. the client must understand the seo company well

  3. Trust is definitely the single most important factor. The client must under that SEO takes time and that the search engine algorithms are often in flux. They must trust you to make the changes and understand that they won’t move up overnight. Sometimes they may move down the SERPs but in the long run, the SEO strategy will help drive more business to them.

  4. A good SEO client will never force you into something that could endanger a great SEO process. Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived.

  5. Thanks shell for such nice topic to discuss. I think communication and transparency in work play vital role to satisfy clients. You have highlighted some good points here as Availability, Responsiveness, Questioning, Understanding.. More important thing is that without trust nothing is going to happen.. SEO is time taking process and it’s depends on individual project to how much time it will take to deliver..So, I think role of SEO companies and site owner..both are important…

  6. Having the client trust In what you are doing is the most important factor in my opinion, sometimes a client will get a little frustrated when they don’t see instant results and I guess this comes into good communication as well (on both parts)

    Letting a customer know that the work will take a period of time and progress may be slow but it will be worth while, will help settle them and trust you a bit more, after all they are paying a lot of money and they expect a return from web traffic.

    If there is no trust a client will jump ship as soon as they get one of those annoying emails telling them how their SEO can be improved instantly with instant results.

    I do like the paying the bills part, very important too!

  7. Trust and Patience are a huge factor in what makes a good SEO client, because that means that the client understands that SEO doesn’t offer instant gratification, that it is a process that is quite involved and takes time to perform and show results. One thing that drives me crazy is a client that isn’t responsive!!! It’s one of my biggest peeves, when you are asking a client for things such as a PR topic and you don’t receive! In order for the entire process to be successful, not only do we have to put in our time and efforts, but we need the Clients cooperation as well.

  8. Agree, a good client is one who pays the bill in time…just kidding (though one of the factor). A good SEO client for me is someone who trust you and make you feel that you are really partner in growing their business and not just someone who build links, optimize their site etc..etc..

  9. Trust is key and showing a keen interest in understanding how their businesses works and makes money!

    Mind you I hate it when a client thinks they can do it all themselves…

  10. These are all great points, but I feel the getting paid part is more important than a lot of people make it out to be. I am not talking about a client that pays a day late, but what about thirty or more days? Especially when working for yourself, a large client that does not pay is plainly not being a good client. What if the SEO did not do work for a month? The client would not be happy.

  11. The best clients are the ones that have realistic traffic and conversion targets and understand that SEO doesn’t weild overnight success. A client with a decent SEO budget also helps!

  12. Well first of all, a good seo client is one that actually knows what their talking about. Second, someone who actually has results. People that say, “number one on google in 5 days” is definitely a liar. If you want real results get seo help from someone who doesnt have horrible sales pitches for starters

  13. The result is the most important issue i believe, the client has to understand what the company is doing for them and how they are doing it.

  14. The most irritating thing is when clients can think they can do it all themselves and the try and blame you for not doing a good job….Let me do my job and you do yours and it will all be good….Butt out of it!!! LOL

  15. I think a good SEO client will never force you into something that could endanger a great SEO process.

  16. For me, a good seo client would be one that is hands on. If he/she don’t know much about seo, that person should also be eager to learn. That way, that person would have a clearer perspective of the seo company. And he/she will realize that seo is not that complex, it just takes time to see the results.

  17. Great post. I have heard so many client horror stories–people so often forget that a good business relationship takes the effort of both parties. Another aspect that makes a good SEO client is one who understands they won’t be #1 on Google in just a week!

  18. I reckon all the above points can also be true for an SEO company. If someone is looking for a quality SEO company that delivers and have great PR – then he/she might follow those rules as well.

  19. Availability is a crucial component of proper SEO completion. I love your points about this because too often we have run into too many middle men of previous website hosts who refuse to cooperate. Very well said all around.

  20. I completely with you on this. It is very important to have faith on the SEO. The clients should realize that Marketing is not a quick fix and takes considerable amount of time to display optimum results.

  21. A good SEO client is one who understands that SEO is a slowburn process yet he is still willing to give as much time and effort to it because he believes in your end result.

  22. A good SEO client knows what he wants, but is open to suggestions. Of course, adequate budget is a great advantage. Thanks. Keep posting!

  23. Nice article. Well, I don’t force my SEO service provider to get my site on Google’s Page-1 because I trust on them and they are providing the good results. I love their strategy too. By forcing the service provider it may have adverse effects.

    Thank you for sharing it :)

  24. Very nice post and well said, Trust is definitely the single most important factor. SEO is so complicated that a client really needs to understand that they cannot begin to fathom it all and to put themselves in the hands of a outside expert.