Directory Submission in the SEO Process

Directories are categorized listings of websites from around the web. They can provide a wonderful source for quality inbound, one-way links. Getting listed in quality directories such as DMOZ is more helpful for your link popularity than a large number of links from smaller directories and/or websites.

There are two types of directories: The general directory that houses links to a variety any approved websites and niche directories which focus on themes such as medical or business directories.

Links from directories are a crucial in achieving link popularity for your website. Big Oak focuses on this and submits your site to hundreds of quality directories that Google recognizes as valued members of the web communities. An advantage to a directory is the fact that a link to your website is always active whether searched upon or not. Why is this a big deal? When a search engine robot like Google visits a category within a directory, the Googlebot will easily follow the link to the listed web site. A link to a toy site within Business: Shopping: Toys and Games category alerts the search engine spider that that web site has information about toys. This gives instant credibility to your site about toys.

General Directories

While there are literally hundreds of directories (we have listed many search directories that we submit to), the two most popular are Open Directory and Yahoo Directory. Open Directory or DMOZ, supplies its results to many search engines, most importantly Google, helping your site get indexed more quickly. Open Directory is also replicated on many websites, furthering your link popularity through the submission to just one directory.

Specialty or Niche Directories

Specialty directories provide higher value towards link popularity and can help with sending targeted traffic to your site more so than the general directory. When a search engine finds the link to your site about acne treatment from a medical directory they will assign it a higher importance than a link from a general directory. Big Oak researches the web to find these small gems that can give an added boost to your website's traffic.


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