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Search engine optimization of your website helps visitors find your site using the targeted keywords and phrases that best describe your business. The goal of our search engine optimization services is for your site to be highly ranked and correctly listed within the search engines. High rankings in the natural (i.e. organic) search engine results is what Big Oak works hardest to achieve leading to successful promotion of your website.

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Through constant research and testing Big Oak refines our methods of getting your website ranked highly in the search engines, no gimmicks, no deception and no methods that could get your site banned. Simple. Effective. Targeted.

Keyword and Key Phrase Selection

We evaluate and research your keywords and phrases for competitiveness and look for similar words that are also used by searchers. We provide writing and editing services so your site's content can be optimized for the correct keyword density. And don't worry we aren't going to dilute your marketing message by using awkward keyword placement that makes your page unreadable. In the end, we know that, after your site is found, it has to be intelligible. We also optimize your page elements so your keywords are built into the site's code for the search engines to find.

Popularity Accounts for High Search Engine Rankings

High search engine rankings require search engines seeing that your site is linked to from other sites; one-way, inbound links are a sign that other sites find you to be a respected resource. A link works like a vote for your site's popularity. Big Oak conducts a link building campaign as one of our techniques to getting your site highly ranked. Using reciprocal links as a means of promoting your website, product, or service is a necessary and effective way to help your website grow and succeed online. We also submit your site to hundreds of valued online search directories providing many quality one-way links to your site.

We are dedicated to affordably, properly, and quickly helping you improve your website's search engine visibility, link popularity, and targeted traffic. When done correctly, increasing your linkage can:

  • Increase your traffic
  • Improve your visibility in the search engines by raising your link popularity
  • Save you advertising money

SEO & Link Building

Don't hire someone who will only react when you've dropped in the search engine rankings. Big Oak is attentive to your needs and invests the time to keep your web site at the top. Each month we are proactively getting you links and applying the newest techniques to maintain – and even increase – your rankings. We look for additional keywords that will help drive traffic to your site and review your site logs to see where your visitors are coming from, so we can make informed decisions on other channels you may want to explore. It's important that you stay competitive. Because we keep up with the most current happenings in the SEO arena we are able to shift strategies as search engines evolve and algorithms change. You must keep up to speed to be effective in the SEO industry.

Every SEO Client and Project is Different

Our success is largely due to tailored customer service, and to our commitment to being available for consultations to discuss your search engine optimization strategy. We enjoy helping our clients establish a search engine optimization campaign that will aid in their website promotion, fit their budget and achieve their long-term, online goals. No search engine optimization firm can guarantee #1 placement within the search engines. At Big Oak, we guarantee effort. Although our current clients certainly like the results for their SEO and link building campaigns.

Optimization for Search Engines (When should I?)

Performing search engine optimization while developing your website or redesigning your old site is a great way to maximize your budget and effort. You will only have to write the content once and the HTML can be coded to work for the search engines.

Of course, it is never to late to hire a company or firm for search engine optimization services. We are equally adept at working with local companies in the Richmond, Virginia area or nationally.

Whether you are in the Richmond, Virginia area or across the country, please contact us to start your Internet marketing succes today.


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