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SEO Copywriting for your website is a combination of keyword rich website content written for both the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN) and people that find your website, SEO Press Releases to announce various news-worthy events in your company, SEO Articles to give advice in your field of expertise, and SEO Blogs to answer questions that your customers might have for you in a more personable and informal manner.

We provide website content written for both people and the search engines to ensure your website is optimized for the search engine spiders. And as part of our Internet Marketing services we use a combination of writing and distributing press releases and articles with keywords and links pointing to your website and blogging that allows you to interact with your customers and share your knowledge on a regular basis to help get you the results that you need.

SEO Copy

The top search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) give credence to how relevant your website is to the terms being searched on as their basis for where your site ranks on their results pagers. And, while quality one-way links are important to this, quality, well-written content with keywords is just as important. The key to writing for your website is to write for not only the search engines, but also for the search engine users that will be visiting your website.

At Big Oak, our SEO copywriting staff produces content with a dual purpose: satisfy your target audiences and the search engines. We are conversion focused – understanding how a visitor will find your page, what information they will need and inserting appropriate calls to action. The pages we select are based on your goals and keyword research with an overall strategy of ranking the most appropriate and targeted pages of your site not just your Home page.

SEO Press Releases

There's nothing better than offering a new product or service to your customers, and when you do, you should announce it.  A press release is a good way to tell your customers and the marketplace what's happening with your company while helping to build links to your website.

By working with our SEO Copywriters to craft a press release you can not only talk about what's going on in your company, but also inform potential customers about your company.  Our SEO Copywriters are skilled writers with the ability to edit a press release that you've already written yourself, or to help you create an engaging SEO press release that will both inform readers and have links pointing back to your website.  Press releases are provided to reputable websites (such as PRWeb), and give you both local and national exposure.

SEO Articles

At Big Oak we appreciate the expertise that you bring to your field, and we know that your clients do as well. A well-written article on a topic related to your business can establish you as a thought leader and a trusted source of information in your field.  Whether it's an article giving advice, explaining a complex idea or informing audiences about changes in your industry, online readers, and the search engines, will appreciate you sharing your relevant knowledge with them.

Our talented SEO Copywriters are always ready to work with you to either write an article that will help to show your expertise in your field, or to edit and release an article that you yourself have already written.  We release all of our articles to the best websites that give your article and your website the best visibility, all with links that point back to your website which bolsters your rankings in the search engines. 

View examples of our SEO Articles here:  Trade Show Articles, Headphone Articles, and Diamond Articles. Contact us today to find out more about sharing your knowledge with the World Wide Web.

SEO Blogging

Many of our clients have great ideas that they'd love to share with their clients or get a question posed to them that other customers want answered. A blog is a great way to broadcast this information on the Web and is a simple way for you to give tips, answer questions, and help customers keep up with your latest products and service offerings.  Additionally, blogs are a great source of links and can garner their own rankings in the search engines.

Keeping in touch with your customers through a blog is important, but can be time consuming, which is why our SEO Copywriters are available to help you write and post your blogs.  They can do everything from writing and posting a blog that they've written and had approved by you, or they can save you just a bit of time by posting a blog that you've already composed.

Read our post on why to create a blog on our SEO blog!

Let Us Help You

Whether it is press releases, articles, blogs, or new content for your website, our SEO copywriting staff is highly qualified and ready to work with you to get the results you want and deserve.

Contact us today to find out how our writing staff can help you with all of your writing needs.


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