Blogs: Good and Bad

What is a good business blog? Clients like to know if they should blog and what is a good blog if they decide to blog at all. Sounds like a Dr. Suess book, doesn't it? So, what is a good blog? I decided to take a look around and see what constitutes a good or a bad blog.

The Good Blog

  • Useful, timely, well-written information with a cohesive theme and style
  • Writing in a personal, yet professional, first-person style
  • Provide easy opportunities for feedback on your postings
  • Reply promptly to comments and feedback. Show your readers you are active on your blog.
  • Clean and well-structured design. The purpose of the blog is to provide information, make it easy for your reader to do so.
  • Concise posts with clearly evident points and conclusions

The Bad Blog

  • Incoherent, irrelevant"ramblings" on a variety of topics
  • No opportunity for notification
  • Providing corporate information that should be on your website such as testimonials, press releases and other pure marketing efforts
  • Long posts without focus that become a soap box for your personal issues

This list is short and concise because creating a good blog is actually a task based on common sense and crisp writing. This is one area where your company can shine. The list of bad blogs far outweighs the list of good blogs. A small amount of time and effort can reap rewards for your company, big or small.


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