Online Search Directories for SEO,
Link Building & URL Submission

Search engine optimization and link building require time and commitment to be successful. One of the most important tasks is submitting your website to online search directories. These are a few of the directories we feel are important in the submission process. We are always looking for more.

If you own or support a online search directory and aren't shown in this directory list, please send us an email and we will review it for submission. Please provide your Google PageRank as well.

Website Directory PR
Yahoo Directory 8
Librarian's Internet Index 8
Aviva Directory 7 7
Microsoft Small Business Directory 6
Joe Ant Directory 6
Chiff 5
Jayde 7
Anthony Parsons 7
Skaffe Directory 5
Ezilon 6
Best of the Web 7
Elib 7
RLRouse Directory 6
Gimpsy 6
Go Guides 6
Uncover the Net 6
Exact Seek 7
Clush 7
Illumirate 6
Business Seek 6
Platinax Directory 6
Information Outpost 6
This is Our Year 7
Abilogic 5
Sun Steam 5
Alive Directory 7
Site Sift 6
Wow Directory 6
01 Web Directory 5
Soc Engine 5
Sporge 4
Yeandi 5
Massive Links 6
Web Beacon 5
WebWorld Index 6
Arielis 5
Seven Seek 6


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