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Please check back often as we are always adding new articles and tips on SEO and internet marketing. It is a constantly changing and evolving marketing process and we are researching to stay on top of it. You'll find a lot of our procedures, thoughts and theories here. We believe giving you a clear idea what we do and how we do it so you'll know what you are getting when you hire Big Oak SEO.

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Should Your Company Be Found In the Search Engines?

Search engines are fast replacing the yellow pages as a place for consumers to find businesses. People Google everything – from a business name to find the phone number, to product names to find companies that sell a certain model, to types of services to find companies offering them.

Good Website Design and Search Engine Optimization, Is It Possible?

At Big Oak SEO we come across the debate of Search Engine Optimization versus good design. We feel both can be achieved if the company working on your site understands both.

Google Sitemaps, finally a valuable SEO Tool?

While I have debated the usefulness of Google Sitemaps, I believe Google is finally making this tool something more than just an unproven novelty.

Why has Google banned my website?

Your sales are down, no one visits anymore? Could Google have banned your site? If so, why? Here are a few possibilities and what to do if you are banned.

SEO and Google Indexing - Why It Requires A Complex Blend of Skills

Getting the top listing in any of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) requires more than just optimizing your site. It requires the ability to design, develop, write and market: four things that Big Oak does in-house. Our competition usually must outsource one or more of these skills. Just one of the reasons you should choose Big Oak for all of your web needs.

Can You Guarantee My Search Engine Rankings?

Can we or anyone guarantee your ranking within Google, Yahoo!, MSN or any other search engine? The answer is no, but read to find out why.

Local businesses profit from search engine optimization and Internet Marketing

Local customers know where to find local businesses...the Internet. Through search engines and directories, the Internet provides a quick and easy place to choose a local merchant or business.

What can George Bush teach us about SEO?

An interesting phenomenon illustrates the power of linking to websites

What is "organic" search and how can it help your company's Internet Marketing?

Organic describes a search that returns results based on content and keyword relevancy. This is in contrast to listings based on who paid the most money to appear at the top. Sometimes this is called "pure" or "natural search" as it is supposed to be "untainted" by payments or bids

Are searchers loyal to their search engine?

Learning more about the behavior patterns of searchers can help you make decisions about search engine optimization.

Search Engine Marketing Glossary

SEO? SEM? SERP? Let us help you understand all the acronyms and definitions associated with search engine optimization.

How to Shop for a Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart Solution

Selecting a shopping cart for your e-commerce website can be a daunting task to say the least. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting an SEO Friendly Shopping Cart.

SEO Pricing: The Factors that Play a Role in Your Web Site's Ranking

Have you ever had a proposal, estimate or quote for search engine optimization work and wondered what goes into the pricing?

Google's SEO Advice For Your Website: Good Content

The web pages actually at the top of Google have only one thing clearly in common: good writing. Don't let the usual SEO sacred cows and bugbears, such as PageRank, frames, and JavaScript, distract you from the importance of good content.

Most Searches in Search Engines Use Two Words

One of the biggest obstacles in Search Engine Optimization is convincing the client to target keywords and phrases they might not agree with.

What is Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization gone bad)

Black hat practitioners tend to see search engine optimization as a war, and search engines as the enemy to be beaten by all means fair or foul. White hatters tend to view search engines as allies, who can help drive business to their clients’ sites.

Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myths

There are many SEO myths and rumors we hear and read about everyday. While there are SEO tricks that work for a time, but inevitably come back to haunt the website using them, most of SEO is knowledge and work. Or research and time, if you prefer. We have listed some of the more popular Search Engine Optimization Myths so please read and let the truth about SEO be revealed.

Google Offers Advice for Penalized Websites Using Black Hat SEO Tactics

Google have confirmed a pilot project to "open up communications" with webmasters they feel are breaking their guidelines.

Should I Use META Tags for Search Engine Optimization?

I deal with many questions from curious website owners everyday. One question I have a new answer for is, "Should I use META tags on my site when do search engine optimization?" Old Answer: It couldn't hurt, but don't worry about them, the search engines ignore them for the most part. New answer? Read on...

Redirecting Your Way Out of Google

Redirections are an essential part of any website's SEO strategy. Whether or not you currently use a redirect on your website, you could be hurting your website's standings with Google and risking a penalty. The fact is, there are times when using a redirect is absolutely essential to your website, and there are uses of redirects that can hurt your website as well.


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Does every site need optimizing?

Every site can benefit from optimization. It targets your sites, helps searchers find you and encourages both sales and interaction.

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Are searchers loyal to their search engine?

Learning more about the behavior patterns of searchers can help you make decisions about search engine optimization.

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