Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be utilized to promote your company, attract new customers, and connect with your audiences. As part of an online strategy, it is a good complement to SEO and PPC campaigns that are also meant to raise awareness about your company and drive traffic to you site. Setting up a Facebook, Twitter other social accounts is not difficult, but managing your company’s presence and producing ROI can take some expertise – and effort.

Using social media tools is a way to connect with searchers, buyers and current customers in a way that naturally inserts your company/message into their internet travels. It is part of an overall inbound marketing strategy which puts your company in places where people are looking for information, to buy, help, etc.

When you utilize social media effectively, you create a buzz that produces results. Web properties like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, etc. all offer unique opportunities to present your company and drive your message. But it’s important to know where your audiences are and how to join the conversation.

How Big Oak Can Help

Our goal is to offer the best in social media marketing using well thought-out strategies that are tailored to your company.

Content writing is the key to social media. We can write for you, train your team to write, or shadow your team by reviewing ideas and posts to lend our expertise to each step. We’ll work with you to determine how often you can and should post content, when to post, and which social site(s) a post should be placed on based on the information contained. From there, we can take the content and push it to social sites where it will be most effective – reaching your audiences, receiving clicks to your website, getting likes, etc.

When employing social media marketing techniques, we collaborate with your team on:

  • Planning and ideation
  • Copywriting or consulting on copy
  • Facebook posting
  • Google+ posting
  • Twitter posting
  • LinkedIn posting
  • Designing and distributing infographics
  • Pinterest posting
  • Posting to your blog

Monthly reporting on social media is part of our regular SEO or PPC reporting.

Find out more about social media managementcapabilities and how we can help your online strategy by calling us at 804-741-6776.

How to Manage a Professionally Executed Social Media Campaign

Each of the following details are essential to consider when aiming for a successful social media marketing campaign. That is where social media management comes in; by allowing a qualified social media professional to manage your accounts, you can feel confident that your campaign will be skillfully executed.


Social Media Management Process - Infographic

 Did You Know?

  • 82% of Americans between the ages of 18-25 have an active social profile.
  • Over 750 tweets per second are shared on Twitter.
  • Two new members sign up to LinkedIn every second of every day
  • Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined
  • Google+ is adding 625,000 new users every day
  • More than 110 million smartphone users in the U.S and Europe access social networks and blogs on their mobile phones
  • On average Social Media Management Company spends between 15-20 man-hours a month
  • By e-Marketer – “Social Media Marketing Companies are the next marketing generation”
    E-Marketer is a highly respected independent marketing research company founded in 1996