Our SEO Process

seo_consultants_2016-208x162Every client is different – so every solution has to be too. Our search engine optimization process is flexible so we can offer a range of strategies that fit with your company’s needs. We actively seek new SEO techniques and, as these solutions emerge, add them to our process at logical points. So while the basis of our process stays the same, methods are being added and modified as the SEO landscape changes.

We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their overall marketing plans and match our solutions to what they are looking to accomplish. SEO that supports your other marketing endeavors and matches your message – be it online, offline or in person – creates a seamless customer experience. Our philosophy is that the point of SEO is turning searchers into visitors and turning visitors into customers.

We routinely work with clients who have existing websites they want to get more out of as well as clients who are building new websites (or redesigning existing sites). Both offer a unique opportunity for traffic and rankings. Our expertise has helped a number of clients in a range of industries including service-based and product-based businesses, both large and small. Take look at our SEO results to see how we’ve helped our clients increase their traffic, rankings and conversions.

Here is a sampling of our SEO process:

Project Scoping – Our proposal process is rigorous because we need in-depth information about your business, your goals, and your customers in order to determine what strategies we could employ. We see working with our clients as a partnership and invest the time in our proposals to ensure we have scoped the project correctly and can bring the correct solutions to the project.

Competitor Analysis – In order to understand your company’s unique competitive landscape, we evaluate the competitors you provide, sites that are ranking for your terms, and other sites that are like yours to see how and why they are ranking.

On-Site SEO Considerations – From determining what keywords to go after, to reviewing the content on your current pages and suggest edits, to considering other page elements and making the site search-engine friendly, we perform a comprehensive review of the site to optimize it thoroughly.

Off-Site SEO ConsiderationsWe employ an array strategies in our quest for more traffic and conversion, all tailored to your goals, your products/service and you customers. Find out more about:

Monthly Reporting & Meetings – Working together means communicating. Each month we provide reporting that tracks progress, details the previous month’s activities and outlines possible strategies for the coming month. We meet with you to discuss these and your changing business goals, strategies and marketing initiatives.

Why We Are a Different SEO Firm

Every company says they are different but seem surprisingly similar – or are different in ways that don’t count. So what makes Big Oak different?

We Have a Wide Area of Expertise

Our company individuals from a variety of useful and practical backgrounds that apply to Internet Marketing. While we are all involved with marketing, our expertise and experience lies in print design, web design, copywriting, web development and other skills that make us a well-rounded company. Yes, we excel at helping sites drive more traffic and sales, but we are good at this because we know how to do all the other work that leads up a successful site and business. Our knowledge in all these areas allows us to provide marketing experience second to none. You will have a full-time project manager assigned to your account who you can contact anytime via email or by phone.

We Have Been Around a Long Time

Big Oak started in January, 2004. And we have been growing every year. While we began as a web design and web development firm, we expanded into SEO and Internet Marketing by the middle of our second year. At the start of our third year we targeted our core services on providing SEO and Internet Marketing services and we have become a leading firm in this field ever since. Longevity in any industry usually means you have been successful and you have the experience and knowledge to continue being successful. These things are true at Big Oak and we plan on being a part of the Internet Marketing Industry a long time coming.

We are Located in Richmond, Virginia.

Okay, being located in Richmond, Virginian doesn’t make us different, per say, other than if you want a Richmond marketing company. But we are located in the United States and all our employees are in offices in the United States. Our other office is in New York. You can be sure when you choose to work with Big Oak you will not be using any workforce sourced from outside the USA. You can call us anytime during business hours to talk to us or send us an email. You will never have to worry that we won’t be here or won’t respond in a timely manner.

We Are Just the Right Size

Our founders, Chris Alexander and Shell Harris are involved in all projects. They decided that Big Oak Studios would never become too big that they couldn’t stay involved and influence all projects. Our consistency and success are based on the close management style and team environment. We meet monthly as a team to discuss all projects so our entire team’s expertise is applied to your project and that helps us exceed client expectations.