Does Your Business Blog Need a Staff Writer?

Before we begin, we are assuming all businesses know the importance of having a blog. If you don’t have a blog, please visit our tutorial for setting up a WordPress blog.

The internet has revolutionized how we do a lot of things in our society, and the business sector is one such beneficiary. Geographical barriers made it difficult for businesses to acquire a bigger market, but right now with a click of a button, they have the potential of getting customers from around the world. This means that any business that wants success must have both an excellent virtual and physical presence. Therefore, companies have invested in creating content online that will help with marketing. The quality of the material that you publish is crucial to success.

How does a business succeed in publishing quality content online? There are numerous ways of doing so, and hiring a writer is one such way. Here are the 10 signs that it’s time for your business to get one such writer:

1. You Don’t Have an Online Presence

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Your business needs a blog, and it’s for a number of reasons:

  • For credibility and creating a sense of authority
  • Lead generation
  • Return On Investment, although Long-term
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Generating traffic
  • Being visible and reachable

To attain all the above, getting a staff writer will be necessary. Accomplishing all the above is crucial if your business is to stay ahead of the competition. Other creating written content, a staff writer will help your business develop videos, infographics, podcasts, and pictures for the blog. To keep your audience entertained and informed requires spicing up content, and this also helps your business rank top on Google.

2. Constantly Generate New Ideas

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You aim to make your business stay profitable. To do so continuously, you’ll be required to have fresh ideas to create promotional content. You may succeed in doing so on your own for a while, but you’ll eventually run out of fresh material, and it will be boring and difficult for you. However, getting a professional writer will allow you have new content throughout. The business will benefit from the ideas generated by your writer. Plus, you will work together to have more promotional content. Remember content marketing is crucial for the business.

3. When You Are Ready For a Bigger Client Base

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Your small business has grown compared to when you started and you feel that it’s time to take on a more significant customer base. Here, getting a professional writer will be necessary. A professional writer will craft content that will attract a bigger audience and generate more traffic to your blog.

4. To Keep Track Of What’s New

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Reaching your targeted audience is crucial to the success of your business. This implies that you’ll need to continually be in the know on which platforms you can reach your audience and topics trending. Doing it yourself will make you miss out on new and trending platforms, but hiring a professional will help your business keep track of what’s new and trending. This is important to ensure that you post quality content. Plus, a professional will tailor the content to what’s new and make your business popular.

5. To Create Quality Content

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Anyone can write, but only a few individuals can write quality content. Hiring a writer is a way of ensuring that you post high-quality content. Quality content will make you a “Google favorite.” There are lots of poorly written articles online! Good content with SEO keywords improves your company rating and makes your business appear among the top on search engine results. Professional writers have perfected their SEO skills and are capable of creating persuasive topics, and content focused on appealing and attracting readers. Therefore, use their skills to the advantage of your business.

6. Your Business Success Depends On Your Virtual Image

Websites most trusted by users.

Websites most trusted by users.

The image you create online is very crucial for the credibility of your business. Most individuals currently judge businesses based on the virtual image that they have created. Have a look at the top leading companies globally they have an up to date website and regularly post new content. The new material also has to be correct to maintain that trust. A small mishap online can be a costly event to the most successful of businesses. A writer will ensure that the content published will improve your business brand image.

7. To Publish Content Regularly

Writing can be quite a hustle. Its time consuming and you may not always be in a position to have content ready – being that you’re busy with running the business. To avoid complicating your work and at the same time have content ready for your blog, a staff writer may be the answer. Creating and publishing quality content regularly falls squarely on the job description of the hired writer. That way, you can both concentrate on your work and perform even better.

8. You Need the Qualification and the Skills for the Job

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“Do It Yourself” isn’t always the solution. Your business may be small, and you’re trying to cut on costs, but don’t DIY. When it comes to writing, hiring help may end up being among the best business decisions that you ever make. A professional content writer has undergone the training and has developed the skills needed to create quality content. A staff writer will help you publish the appropriate content and keep you in the know because it is their job and they want to be successful.

9. Your Goal Is To Reach Your Targeted Audience

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Having an online presence isn’t necessarily proof of having an audience. The online world is a bit complex and quite rather competitive. Therefore, getting and growing your audience will require skills. Randomly publishing content without a particular goal in mind is a futile activity. Avoid this by all means! A Staff Writer will use their professional experience and expertise to help your business create and post content that transmits your intended message and attracts your targeted audience. Anything you post over the internet serves to attract and impress your audience.

10. It’s the “Thing.”

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“Other businesses are doing it, why not you? “ Imitating what others are doing hasn’t always been the right thing to do. However, in some instances, it may be the best action to take. Some companies have chosen to invest on a professional writer and for a good reason. Businesses have realized that an online platform is a powerful tool for getting more consumers and as such, they want to generate quality content that will attract them. A way of accomplishing this is by hiring staff writers. Therefore, make an initiative of getting a writer too for your small, growing business.


The online world has created an opportunity for business to market themselves and expand. However, this is a risky venture for any business when done wrong. The content published online that relates to your business has the power to either push your business to success or do the opposite, leading it to its doom. Getting a staff writer will help you craft high-quality content that will make your business have a high online rating. Your credibility is also pegged on the quality of the content posted, saving you from any embarrassment of posting low-quality material.

Get a staff writer to put you ahead of the competition. Other successful businesses are doing it. Give it a try, it may just be the touch your business requires to be successful!

About the Author: Richard Nolan is a professional educator and team building coach, sharing his experience in spheres of  writing, blogging, entrepreneurship and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers and students. Follow him on Facebook