I have been creating interview questions and researching what other companies ask their potential employees.

In doing so I came across these sample interview questions asked by Google. After reading them I know I don’t want to work for Google and probably couldn’t get passed the first round, for that matter. Here are some of the quirkier, less technical questions, for your amusement.

  1. You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and your mass is proportionally reduced so as to maintain your original density. You are then thrown into an empty glass blender. The blades will start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do?”
  2. Explain a database in three sentences to your eight-year-old nephew.
  3. How many gas stations would you say there are in the United States?
  4. You have a sheet cake. There is a rectangular piece missing from the inside of the sheet cake. The location of the missing piece is arbitrary. I was told I could assume I had the means to make the cuts. How do you divide the sheet cake into 2 even proportions with 2 cuts?
  5. It’s 2PM on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the Bay Area. You’re minutes from the Pacific Ocean, redwood forest hiking trails and world class cultural attractions. What do you do?
  6. What will be the next great improvement in search technology?
  7. Why are manhole covers round?
  8. A man pushed his car to a hotel and lost his fortune. What happened?
  9. Explain the significance of “dead beef”.
  10. You are at a party with a friend and 10 people are present including you and the friend. Your friend makes you a wager that for every person you find that has the same birthday as you, you get $1; for every person he finds that does not have the same birthday as you, he gets $2. Would you accept the wager?”

So if you have any answers, post them in our comments section. I would love to know the next great improvement in search technology. 😉