Since the inception of Google in 1998, the majority of their customer service was delegated to their Product Help Forums. The concept of Google Founder Larry Page was to allow users to help other users. Part of that process was also to identify some of the “best of the best” users in terms of Google product knowledge, expertise and helpfulness. Once identified these users were promoted to the Top Contributor Program. There are approximately 900 Top Contributors in the world covering all the Google Product Help forums

Our very own Eric Gehler was promoted to Google Top Contributor for the Web Search Help Forum this past month for his expertise on Google Search.


This honor is among the highest Google bestows upon non-employees. But, this is not the only Google title that Eric Gehler has received for his exemplary work with Google.

Eric has also been awarded:

  • Google Partners Community Ambassador
  • Google Small Business Community Advisor
  • Google Adwords Forum Rising Star

Becoming a Top Contributor was one of my personal and professional goals. Helping people solve problems has always been a passion and keeping up with all things Google is a must in our industry.  Being a Top Contributor, as well as the other accolades, opens many doors which allow me access and continual communication with Googlers and Google products.  While under a NDA (non disclosure agreement) I cannot discuss individual items, but have access to beta test new initiatives, provide feedback and collaborate with Googlers.” – Eric Gehler